How to Demand Attention on Twitter

There’s a lot going on on Twitter, and your ability to use it for marketing purposes depends on whether you can stand out from the crowd and demand attention. Going beyond best practices and finding ways to use your account in new ways and build a loyal following does require some creativity, but here are a few tips to help you get started.

Create and Own a Hashtag

We’ve all seen those hashtags out there that keep circulating, that everyone recognises and that automatically mean something to us. When you make your own hashtag, for your business or a special promotion, you can increase brand awareness and really make your presence on Twitter known.

This strategy does take time to develop, and you’ll need to choose something that will resonate with your market. You will also need to use the hashtag yourself and may need to offer some kind of incentive, like a giveaway, to encourage others to use it.

Start your own Twitter Chat

Some Twitter chats become so popular that they have dozens of participants and thousands of followers. This is another strategy that will take time to develop, but if you offer valuable content and make your chats entertaining and informative, more and more people will tune in. Keep in mind that some followers may just enjoy following the chat without participating.

Hold your chats consistently, use a relevant theme and consider inviting experts or people with big Twitter followings to host or participate in the chats to draw a bigger audience. This tactic can get people talking and engaged with your brand and of course, help you build a stronger following.

Use Special Twitter Features

Use things like Twitter cards, attached pictures, and videos to make your tweets stand out in a crowded timeline. These kinds of posts will pop and get peoples’ attention and may also help you generate more engagement. Visually interesting tweets can also help you tell your story since they give you more options for getting your message across.

You can also experiment with promoted tweets to advertise special deals, new products, events and key pieces of content. Promoted tweets can help you drive traffic, increase sales and gain a bigger following.

Do more than Tweet

The ordinary way to use Twitter is to share links to content, participate in conversations and keep people updated with information about your business. There’s nothing wrong with these uses, but when you do something different, you can stand out and grab attention.

Doing things like running a contest, live tweeting an event, using Twitter for customer service and even offering discount codes or links to coupons are simple ways to go above and beyond to stand out despite all the noise on Twitter.

Give Followers Individual Attention

Giving your followers a shoutout, thanking someone for tweeting about your business or responding to a question seem like simple tasks, but when you do these things on a regular basis you will stand out as a business that cares and is in touch with its market. When you reach out to followers on an individual basis, you are demonstrating that you are listening and that you are there to serve your customers, not just send out promotional information and links.

If you use Twitter to market your business, try some of these techniques to make your account stand out. As you start making changes your following and presence will grow, making it easier to use the site as a marketing tool.