How to Crowdsource Your Brand’s Content

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Last week we posted about how to decide if your company should crowdsource some of its marketing content. A few of the benefits to crowdsourcing include the ability to obtain lots of content quickly and a chance to add a fresh voice, possibly that of an influential individual, to your marketing messages.

Once you’ve decided you want to crowdsource some content, how do you start? Here are a few ways you can leverage relationships with your customers, partners and influential people in your community or industry to start a crowdsourcing effort.

Allow Guest Posts on Your Blog

Some blogs are very well known for their guest posting schedules. They accept submissions from industry experts and community members in related areas and then publish and publicize the content. Your guest posting process could mean opening your blog up to submissions, or it could mean inviting influential individuals to contribute.

Do Interviews

Try interviewing industry experts or one of your loyal customers and then posting the video or audio and a transcript on your blog or website. Videos have a high sharing rate and are also a proven channel for persuasion. Posting a transcript is important for search engine optimisation efforts.

Hold a Contest

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You can use a contest to generate content by asking participants to submit a photo, blog post, video or even jingle. This can generate a lot of buzz and help you gain some fresh content. Consider posting or sharing more than just the winning entry. For example, you could post the top 20 videos to your site and social media accounts and use the winner as part of your next ad.

Use Testimonials Creatively

Sure, you can post paragraph-long testimonials on your website as a way to market your product and get some customer-generated content, but why note get creative? You could use testimonials in blog posts or even for podcasts. Product videos have been proven to help people make the decision to purchase something, so why not create some testimonials that show satisfied customers using your product?

Ask for an Opinion through Social Media

Put your social media followers to work by asking for new site titles, new taglines or new mailer content. You’ll get a fresh load of ideas and you’ll get ideas of what resonates with the people that matter most: your customers.

Many of these crowdsourcing tactics can be used as stand-alone strategies for digital marketing campaigns. However, with a few adjustments you can easily use them to help you get fresh content that is written from a new point of view.