How to Choose the Right Incentive for your Audience

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Providing an incentive as part of an Internet marketing strategy is a popular tactic right now. You’ve probably seen businesses offer free downloads, samples and discounts to people who subscribe to emails, follow them on social media or buy a product. This can be a powerful way to capture peoples’ interest and promote your business.

But, how do you know what kind of incentive will work for your business? In order to get people talking, increase your sales and reach your other business goals, you need to choose the right incentive.

Think Like your Market

Start by thinking like your market. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself what they need, what would be attractive to them, what would capture their interest and what would get them excited.

You’re probably already thinking like your market in order to provide the best products and services and develop marketing plans that work. Keep thinking like the people you are targeting to choose the best incentive.

Provide Unquestionable Value

To really work, your incentive needs to be so valuable to your market that people won’t be able to resist it. What is valuable to one person may not be valuable to the next, so you need to know your market well in order to do this. When your incentive provides real value it will get peoples’ attention and will do its job in encouraging people to comply with your call to action.

For example, if you are offering something your market really doesn’t care about, people won’t want to sign up for your email list. On the other hand, if you provide something that is so valuable that your market doesn’t want to miss out, you will successfully incentivise people to sign up.

The key to making any incentive work is making sure it is valuable to the people you want to attract. If people don’t want your incentive enough to follow through, it won’t be effective.

Offer a Taste of what You do

Another important element of a successful incentive is that it gives your audience a taste of what you do. Any business can run a contest or do a giveaway for a free tablet or vacation, but do those prizes, while fun, prove to your market what you can do?

To make the most of your incentive, choose something that tells your market what you do, on a large scale, and allows you to get your foot in the door with potential customers, enticing them to come back for more.

Things like tips, guides, tutorials, webinars and samples that relate to your business, products or industry are great incentives. Package them so they become a great resource, like in an ebook or a video for example, and make sure the content you include provides a lot of value.

Providing free products as an incentive is a popular Internet marketing tactic that works for many industries and businesses. To make this work for your company, you need to choose the best incentive for your brand and market.

Once you’ve chosen the best incentive, publicise it through your blog, website, social media and your other marketing channels so your market will take action and respond to your calls to action.