How to Breathe New Life into Your Social Media Accounts

If you have been using social media marketing for a while, you may be stuck in a rut. It can be hard to find new things to say, new ways to connect with your audience and new ways to make your posts stand out. Besides the fact that they can be boring, the problem with dull social media accounts is that they can be very ineffective. Your followers will get bored, lose interest and will probably stop following you or tune out the content you share. The remedy to this problem is to keep your accounts alive, fresh and new.

Would You Follow Your Business?

First, ask yourself if you would follow your business on social media if you weren’t an employee. Put yourself in your audiences’ shoes and think about how they see your posts. Honestly answering this question can help you decide if your account is interesting enough for your market. If you wouldn’t follow your own organisation’s account, why should your market?

Post Different Types of Content

Start bringing new life to your account by posting different kinds of content. If you always share long blog posts, mix things up by sharing some images or videos. If all of your posts seem to have the same theme, find ways to use different themes as part of your strategy. Of course, you shouldn’t post content that doesn’t match your brand’s message, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with different kinds of social media posts.

Get Your Followers Involved

Your followers can help you liven up your account by adding a new perspective, some excitement and new voices to your account. Start and encourage conversations and don’t be afraid of temporarily shifting the focus from your brand to your customers from time to time. Maintain control by moderating the conversations, but let your followers carry them by posting messages and sharing content.

Use Your Account for Something New

Another way you can breathe new life into your account is to use it for something new. For example, if you usually use your account to keep you audience informed about company news, try using it to run contests or share product reviews. Make sure the ways you use your account still help you accomplish your goals and build your business, but try using some new tactics.

Offer New Incentives

When businesses first start using a new social media account, they often run campaigns to gain followers. They hold contests and tell people why they should follow their brand on social media. Don’t stop doing this after you have built a sizeable online community. Keep giving people a reason to follow your account and try creating new incentives for people to follow and interact with you on social media.

Start breathing new life into your social media accounts by implementing some of these tips. As you do, you will find that your social media accounts will benefit your business even more and you’ll be able to reach your market in ways you haven’t been able to before.