How to be Popular on Social Media

What’s the secret to being popular on social media?

If you use social media marketing, you probably already know that the more popular your accounts are, the more powerful this tool is. As you reach more people, gain a bigger following and build an audience that shares your posts, you can take social media marketing to a whole new level.

Give People what they Want

First, provide what your audience is looking for to gain a following and generate some interaction. Do some research and testing to find out why people follow you on social media and then meet peoples’ needs here with the content you share. This could mean posting fun, entertaining content, sharing business updates or linking to valuable resources your market relies on.

Be Fun, not Stuffy

Social media is inherently casual, so if your brand is more formal, try to loosen things up a little with some fun content. Of course, you shouldn’t abandon your brand altogether, but you should strive to be fun, entertaining, helpful and personable on social media. Businesses that do this generally attract a bigger following of people who interact with their accounts, which can make them more valuable.

Contribute Something Different and Interesting

To market your products or services, you likely use an angle that shows people why you are different. Gaining popularity on social media requires the same approach. Provide posts, content, interaction and a community that people can’t find anywhere else. Contributing something new, different and interesting will make people want to follow you and share the content they find helpful.

Join Conversations and Engage with Others

To make friends, you have to be a friend. Join social media conversations and engage with your followers and other business and community accounts. This helps you become more visible, attracting more followers, and helps you add your voice to social media, raising brand awareness. Engaging with your followers can also help you boost your brand reputation, better serve your customers and get valuable feedback, so this approach brings several benefits.

Don’t Overdo It

Finally, don’t overdo it on social media. Avoid posting too frequently and spamming your followers or filling their news feeds with your posts, as too much of a good thing can be a problem. Share content regularly and keep up with what is happening on your page and in conversations in your local area or industry, but don’t post so often that you become annoying and scare followers away.

Becoming popular on social media takes time. It isn’t something you can accomplish in just a few days, and when you do begin to gain a large, active following, it will take work to maintain it. A consistent effort to make your accounts valuable and attract more followers is essential for successful social media marketing.

Start revamping your accounts and gaining popularity by giving people what they want, making your account fun and interactive, contributing something different, joining other conversations and avoiding spamming your followers.