How Often Should You Post to Social Media?

Lots of businesses that use social media wonder how often they should be posting to their accounts. When you are juggling Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, knowing how to keep up and use each one effectively can be challenging. While there isn’t a specific number of times you need to post to social media, there are some things you should consider to help you decide how much your business should use social media.

Determine What Your Social Media Goals Are

The frequency at which you post to social media will be partially dependent on what your goals are. What do you want to accomplish with social media marketing? By identifying what you hope to accomplish, you can make decisions about how often you should share content on social media. Keep in mind that your posting frequency will likely vary depending on your current marketing strategies and that each social media account may require a different level of involvement.

Find a Natural Balance

Social media shouldn’t feel forced. As you use it to promote your business you need to find a natural balance that helps you connect with your market and get your message across. Speaking to your market naturally means keeping them informed of news and posting things that they would be interested in. If those pieces of news come up on a regular basis, you should post to social media on a regular basis. However, when you don’t have breaking news to share with your market, you still shouldn’t abandon your social media accounts. Stay involved and active.

Meet Your Market’s Needs

Part of the reason you are using social media is to connect with your market and meet its needs. The frequency at which you post to social media should reflect this. If your market needs a constant flow of information for you in order for them to connect with your brand, you should share things to social media regularly. On the other hand, if your social media accounts act as more of a news outlet and your market connects with you in other ways, maybe you only need to post to your accounts every so often.

You can find out if you are meeting your market’s needs by doing some research or conducting surveys, polls or focus groups. You can also experiment with different types of posts and different frequencies to see what is best for your business and market.

Be Engaging, but not Overwhelming

Since social media is all about engagement and having two-way conversations, you need to find a frequency that allows you to do this without sharing an overwhelming amount of information. If you post too often, you risk losing social media followers and appearing annoying or too self-promotional. Remember to share content from others and engage by leaving comments and answering questions.

All businesses need to find that balance of social media communication that allows them to use networks in ways that will be beneficial and will serve their markets. These guidelines can help you find the right social media posting frequency for your brand.