How do I promote my eBook? Planet eBooks offers the solution

Bigfoot Digital is delighted to be working with eBook advertising platform, Planet eBooks.

Planet eBooks offers authors in both the UK and USA to promote their free Kindle books to an ever growing audience of avid book readers through their dedicated Facebook pages.

Over the course of the past 12 months the team at Planet eBooks has been working hard to grow and nurture their social media communities on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest and shares a vast array of ebooks on a daily basis. They understand how frustrating it can be for authors who have likely shed blood, sweat and tears writing their books find themselves with no downloads and therefore no readers. Planet eBooks offers an affordable solution to this problem and by sharing links to the free ebooks through social media their clients are now getting the downloads they deserve.

The UK based Facebook page currently boasts more than 13,000 followers and the US Facebook page has in excess of 115,000!

If you are an author and want more downloads of your ebook why not consider setting it to free. The Amazon KDP Select programme allows you to do this for up to five days out of 90, so it can be scheduled in with ease. Then, just before it is scheduled to switch to free book an advertising package with Planet eBooks and watch the downloads stack up.