Guidelines for Measuring Your Social Media Marketing

Measuring your social media marketing results is absolutely vital. If you don’t measure your efforts and the impact they have, how will you know if your social media strategies are benefiting your business? Good measurements can also help you enhance your plan and see even more results from your social media tactics.

There are all kinds of programs and tools you can use to measure your social media efforts, and you can be as detailed as you want when you decide which numbers to track. Here are a few guidelines that can help you take measurements that will benefit your business.

Set Goals and Take Measurements to Track Progress

First, set some social media marketing goals. Your goals will depend on your business, market and your current focus. Some common social media marketing goals include raising awareness, making more sales, driving traffic and getting more email subscribers.

Make sure your goals are measurable. An example of a measurable goal would be: “Increase the number of email subscribers by 20 percent in the next 6 months.” Measurable goals include a benchmark and a timeframe.

Now you can determine what you need to do with your social media accounts to reach those goals, which will tell you how to measure your efforts. For example, you may need to get more followers or post more links to your email subscription page. These goals translate into social media measurements and will help you meet broader marketing goals.

Compare Account Success

Not all social media sites are equal. Different sites attract different kinds of audiences, have different features and can help you accomplish different things. Therefore, it is important that you measure accounts individually as well as collectively.

You can use different kinds of measurements for different social media accounts and you may even have different goals for each of your accounts, based on their strengths and your followers on that site.

More comprehensive measurements, that track the progress of multiple sites, shouldn’t be discounted though. These numbers can help you get an understanding of how successful your social media strategies are overall.

Track Social Media Account Growth

Generally, social media accounts are more effective marketing tools when they have a lot of followers and engagement. You are probably already working to get more “likes,” followers, comments and shares, but do you know how much progress you have made?

Measuring your social media account growth can help you find correlations between account growth and other successes. For example, you may start to notice that as you gain more Twitter followers, your sales increase. Or, maybe the more engagement you see on Facebook, the more visitors you get on your website.

Knowing this kind of information can help you understand how you can use your social media accounts to their fullest potential and discover what is working and what isn’t when it comes to growing your accounts and reaching your goals.

Don’t Get Stuck on the Numbers

While it is important to take accurate measurements, and businesses do need to be aware of their social media numbers, it can be dangerous to focus too heavily on statistics and not enough on people and more general goals. Remember, numbers are just numbers.

The danger of getting stuck on the numbers when you use social media marketing is that your other, more important goals can fade into the background. As you work to increase your email subscribers, remember that you also want to be producing quality content for your emails, using appropriate marketing messaging and fostering relationships with your social media followers and email subscribers. Without action, your social media followers and statistics are just numbers.

Measuring social media marketing tactics and successes is an important step in using your accounts to help you promote your business. Use these guidelines to make sure your social media measurements will help you improve your digital marketing strategies and help your business be mores successful.