What The Great British Bake Off Has Taught Us About Digital Marketing!

Bake off is back! The shows first episode on Channel 4 launched last night as the nation tuned in to see if the new presenters would rise to the occasion. While viewers stand divided on the sudden change in production, we personally love the show, and the marketing that goes along with it.

“What could the #GBBO possibly have to do with marketing?” A lot more than you may think. In between drooling over cake and making a dash to the shop for Mini Rolls, we’ve been taking note of the very serious lessons it presents about digital marketing. Here are our four favourites:

1) The Importance of Adverts!

Not the adverts. Please, no! We understand your frustration and do sympathise, but stop for a moment and think about the fantastic benefits it presents commercial businesses. The Great British Bake Off had to be the biggest show on the BBC without a single advert. While, this was a massive draw for most viewers, it did not generate the income needed to secure the programme long-term.

To us, this highlighted the importance of offering advertising opportunities to respective businesses. It’s a HUGE revenue stream for big players like C4 but also the little guys like us. We always encourage our clients to not only look for paid advertising opportunities but to offer it themselves to generate increased revenue. See our paid advertising opportunities.

2) Appearance is just as important as taste!

This is the case throughout the entire series. It’s not just about taste when it comes to winning star baker – you could have the creamiest cakes, fluffiest buns and the flakiest pastry, but if it doesn’t look like a showstopper, there’s only so far you will get in the competition.

Your content marketing should look inviting and tempt your readers to delve deeper into your services and explore all that is on the table. Ensuring you have a successful content marketing strategy, in the right format and on the right channel is crucial to delivering this – your audience on Twitter has a different agenda to your email marketing contacts, so be sure to produce tailored content for each platform.

Embrace the power of visual content as this is what converts. Tweets with images receive 150 more retweets (source). That’s an impressive statistic – so make use of infographics, animations and GIF’s. These are hugely popular on social media, which brings us on to lesson three: Bake Off Banter on social media…

3) Bake Off Banter at its BEST!

Who else has been loving the @GBBOReactions posts? I know we are. These pages dominate Facebook and provide an excellent community to discuss the programme live as you watch at home. These pages are gateways into discussion with readers on topics related to your business.

Though significantly different to business pages, these can be a useful tool to learn about your audience. Depending on your company’s needs, online communities, groups and forums present opportunities for enhanced business value. They can create an experience to help you achieve your goals, whether that is reaching new customers or doing some market research. Learn more about social media marketing here.

British Bake Off Reactions

4) Nobody likes a soggy bottom…

The biggest nightmare on bake off is when you put your heart into baking that perfect loaf… only for Paul Hollywood to take one look at it through those piercing blue eyes and declare “Soggy Bottom.” You know in that moment you have let yourself down, your family down the whole country.

The same can be said for losing out on sales because of a leaky funnel. In content marketing, you need to produce content that converts into sales. There’s nothing worse than spending time on a piece you love, to find, shock horror, that leads are leaking out of your funnel quicker than an un baked Alaska! The good news is there are ways to avoid such mistakes and create seamless content that guides readers in a clear direction. Get all the above nailed and you might just avoid that Hollywood death stare!

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