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Ensuring your company has a strong brand image and an effective marketing strategy is essential to your success. At Bigfoot Digital, our graphic design services cover a wide array of professional digital assets, including brochures, banners, infographics, logos, newsletters, signage and more.

Every design project is expertly crafted using the latest technologies and tailored to suit your business needs. The design process will be meticulously planned from concept through to completion. We don’t settle for “ it’ll do.” Everything we design is planned to perfection. There’s an element of quality control, too. You will be sent updates of our progress so you can be certain it lives up to customer expectations and does your brand justice.

Great reasons to work together

There are many great reasons to work with us, or so we’ve heard. Here are just some ways we can help your business:

01: Creativity and conversions, combined. Our graphic design company is not only filled with creative talent, but we have experts in conversion rate optimisation and lead generation too. What does that mean to you? It means our creative work not only looks great, but it sells. We know everything there is to know about marketing your business online. So, if you’re looking for a business that will go above and beyond to ensure you make money, you’re in the right place.

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02: Friendly service. With roots in Yorkshire, we like to consider ourselves humble, honest and hard working. Our friendly attitude combined with our keen eye for detail ensures your graphic design project delivers on all levels. We’ll start with a cuppa and a conversation about what you are looking to achieve. From there, we’ll set to work crafting your content. We’ll be in touch on a regular basis to ensure you are pleased with our progress. And, of course, you are more than welcome to pop into our offices to catch up or to present any exciting new ideas you may have. In fact, we encourage your feedback.

03: Affordable pricing. We focus on the creation of quality designs without the premium price tag. The great thing about our graphic design services is that we respect your budget and requirements. Some graphic design companies will charge a premium for a product that doesn’t sell. We like to be the exception. Because our team have such an extensive range of skills between them, we are able to offer a wide range of services that are executed to an extremely high standard but with an affordable price tag. This is a service few graphic design companies can compete with.

04: Graphic design services, and more. Our graphic design company offers clients stunning creative designs. Looking to upgrade your website design? Bring life back into your content? Or perhaps you need brochures to promote your business? We’d be happy to help. But, our graphic design services don’t stop there. We look at the bigger picture. Can your website be found by potential customers? How are you going to distribute your brochures? We can help promote your creative content to attract customers from any location.

Graphic design services list:

We take on an extremely wide variety of projects ranging from business profile optimisation to sharable infographics that promote your products. Here are just some of the graphic design services on offer:

Logo design:

Powerful logo design is the single most visual asset your brand can offer. Make it memorable and your customers will return to you time and time again. It’s the core to your online visual identity and can inspire trust and loyalty. Our graphic design company have designed many successful logos that not only look incredible but stick in the minds of customers.

Often a company logo will reflect the domain name of a website; a style known as a brand response. For example, the Bigfoot Digital logo effectively blends the brand name with a yeti foot. The symbol is reflective of a digital footprint (a trail of data created while using the internet). Of course, the iconography is far more comical. Bigfoot stomping across the snow with his, well… big feet.

Graphic design services, logo design.

Creating a logo goes beyond selecting a typeface and a couple of colours. It’s a detailed, well-considered process starting with your brand name and resulting in more business. Our graphic design service includes helping with the selection of a domain name. This requires hours, if not days, of consideration because making the wrong choice can actually destroy a business. In some cases, a domain name, featuring your service keywords, will actually help you rank in Google. As mentioned above, our graphic designers always look at the bigger picture. Talk to our experts today about domain name selection.

Website Design:

You may be thinking “but why do I need website design services?” Yes, your site is outdated but it’s active, brings in traffic and presents you as a credible business. The problem lies in your conversion rate. An outdated website is by far the biggest conversion killer. When you enter a site with flashing buttons, dated images and poor navigation, what do you do? You leave, of course!

You need to move with the market. Think fast, flexible and focused.

Our graphic design company have years of experience producing custom designs that fall in line with customer engagement and perform well in the search results. As well as graphic design, we are able to draw on our wider team of marketing experts to optimise your site and bring in new leads.

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Looking for a way to transform your dull (and dare we say, lacklustre) data into a visually engaging resource? Our graphic design service has you covered. Having data that proves the reliability of your business is great but how many people are going to read a boring, lengthy report? Infographic design is a visual way of presenting data that hooks your audience and doesn’t send them to sleep.

Like anything you publish online, an infographic needs to be highly shareable. Our graphic design team will first research your audience. What are they searching for online? What is the search volume like? Answer these questions, get it right, and you’re on the way to creating a digital asset that people will share and link to, which is great for SEO and rankings.


The benefit of banner advertising is instant brand awareness for your company. You can position banner ads in all corners of the internet. All it takes is a strategic mind to locate the right places. Ask yourself where do your customers spend time online? For example, a business owner may read articles on management, marketing and finance. Online resources with a high volume of traffic, impressions and subscribers are the places to start.

Our graphic designers not only create unforgettable banner ads but they also source the best locations to promote them. They will design your banners with marketing in mind, including the correct call to actions, logos and visual imagery to guarantee you make a great first impression.

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It’s a competitive world out there, and making a good first impression is vital to securing relationships with potential customers. That’s why good graphic design is so important. You want to offer prospective customers an interactive and immersive digital experience, and effective graphic design services can make all the difference.

Our graphic design company works collaboratively with clients to ensure their message is communicated and their brand is recognised as a market leader.

So, you know that we can help. Now, it’s over to you!

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