Google Unveils Callout Extension, Giving Advertisers more Space

On the heels of introducing a major update to Google product ads, the company has now introduced callout extension, which gives businesses more space on their search ads. This additional space is valuable and could help you reach your customers and make your ads more effective.

What is the Callout Extension?

In essence, callout extensions are short pieces of text you can add to your Google search ads. They let you draw attention to products, services, deals and other elements that might help you attract more customers. There is a 25-character limit for callout text, so you will need to find ways to be direct and concise.

As you can see in the example below, this ad has the words “free shipping, 24-7 customer service and price matching” as a callout extension. The words appear below the main text in the ad and above additional links.

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Do Callout Extensions affect Ad Rank?

Google has said that using a callout extension will have a positive impact on an ad’s rank. So, if you use this tool your ad could appear in more search results, be seen by more people and get more clicks.

When can I Use Callout Extensions?

Callout extensions are currently becoming available to all businesses. If you want to use them, you’ll need to be a Google search ad user.

How do I add Callout Extensions?

To add callout extensions to your ads, login to your AdWords account and choose the ad extensions tab. Then, you can add callouts to your account, a campaign or an ad group.

How can I use Callout Extensions Effectively?

If you decide to use callouts for your ads, there are a few things you can do to make sure you are using them to their fullest potential.

Stand Out

The additional text, even though it is limited to 25 characters, can help you make your ads stand out. Use eye-catching phrases and benefits and perks that will make people want to click on your ads. Discounts, free shipping, coupon matching and fast delivery are a few examples of benefits you can show off using the callout extension.

Choose the Right Ads

Be strategic about how you use callouts. Match the right phrases with the right ads for a winning combination. Think about the audience that is likely to see an ad, and then create custom callouts that will be effective with that demographic.

Use Keywords

This is another opportunity to use keywords in your search ads, so take advantage of it. In its announcement, Google suggests adding specific keywords as callouts to campaigns with more general keywords.

Test and Enhance

As you start using callouts with different key phrases, subjects, benefits and formats, you will start to learn what works for your business and market. Track your campaigns and results carefully so you can continually enhance your ads and callouts for the best results.

This new feature has a lot of potential to help you make your search ads more effective and see more results. If you are already an AdWords user, consider using the callout extension. If you haven’t started using search ads, contact us. We help all kinds of businesses use online advertising to reach their market and make more sales.