How Do You Get Reviews On Google?

How Do You Get Reviews On Google?

Google reviews promote trust and confidence in your brand!

Why are Google reviews important?

Google reviews are undeniably the most powerful way to instil trust in your business as they demonstrate genuine approval of your services as opposed to a sales pitch. Studies have shown that 90% of people agree that positive reviews influence their purchasing decisions. That’s the power of positive feedback!

Reviews initially attract customers, but they also help clients choose between you and your competitors. SEO is fantastic for increasing your online visibility, but it can only go so far.

Your website could be ranking first on Google, but without any public reviews, you have to work harder to gain trust. However, with reviews in place, your business stands out above competitors. Reviews help guide people through your sales funnel – increasing clicks and conversions.

Getting reviews on a regular basis takes a proactive and committed approach if you are going to generate them authentically. Keep in contact with your customers on a regular basis to maintain that relationship – think retargeting, social media and email marketing. Find the balance between friendly and frustrating. Too much communication, customers consider you too ‘pushy.’ Too little, and you lose that connection.

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How to set up Google reviews – 5 easy steps

Firstly, you need to set up a Google My Business account. This will open you up to a whole world of possibilities, enabling you to upload all of your information, alongside those all-important reviews. Google My Business allows customers to see your information, encouraging clicks and contact with you.

Once you have a Google My Business account, follow these steps to start collecting Google reviews:

1. Search for your company name in Google.

2. Click on the ‘write a review’ link.

3. A Google review box should now pop up, highlight and copy the URL of this page.

4. Shorten your Google review URL.

5. Send this link out to your clients and customers and start building your bank of Google reviews.

How Google Reviews Work

With all the spam sites out there online, people want to be reassured that they are getting value for money. They are looking for a reason to pick you over the competition. So, give them one.

SEO tactics help you gain a position at the top of the search results, but reviews really seal the deal.

In the past, five-star reviews were needed before any reviews were shown on your profile. Now, even one review will give you a rating, so it’s very worthwhile. Encouraging more customers to leave you a review will result in a natural, organic profile, which encourages more people to do business with you.

The star-based system is shown to increase click-through-rate (CTR) by as much as 20%, demonstrating the true power of a positive review. Your Google My Business account also has a knowledge graph function, which displays your star rating, an excerpt from reviews left and even shows reviews from third party sources.

How to ask customers to leave a Google review

For customers to leave Google reviews, they’ll need to have their own Google account. The best reviews are those which are genuine and authentic. In an ideal world, these would occur naturally without prompting.

Sadly, customers rarely (if ever) think to review your company off their own back. You, therefore, need to encourage them to do this, but this is something which needs to be done tactfully.

However, there is an added bonus to asking customers for reviews. If done in the right way, asking a client for a review shows that you care about the service you provide, wanting their feedback to check you have done the best you can. This demonstrates good customer service, making you appear more favourably, meaning your clients will be far more likely to leave a positive, five-star review.

Timing is everything. If you pester a client for a review straight away, you will not have given them enough time to really test out your service so they will be unable to leave a satisfactory review. On the other hand, if you leave it too late to ask for a review, the novelty or initial impact of your service might have worn off and your review won’t be as good.

What If I Get Negative Reviews?

Do I delete negative reviews? Or, do I simply ignore them? Leave them, and hope for the best? Absolutely not. You need to respond to all reviews, good or bad.

Here is a reply to a positive review Bigfoot Digital received, with thanks to the client for their feedback. This kind gesture goes a long way and shows that you appreciate their comments.

Google Reviews for Bigfoot Digital.

However, a negative review should be treated with the same level professionalism and respect. You need to show that you are taking steps to rectify the problem. This will reassure readers that you are still a worthwhile investment.

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