Google Reports on Search Trends for 2012

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Google has released its annual list of the most searched for terms for 2012. This list is an interesting reflection of what Internet users were interested in and what kind of content caught on around the world.

To compile the list, Google analyzed more than one trillion searches. The report also includes trending searches, which are searches that had a large amount of traffic as compared to what they had in 2011. You can see trending and popular searches for the entire world or for specific countries.

What Made the List?

The United Kingdom’s list is divided into categories like the popular searches, images, athletes, events, people, films, television shows and even more. Of course, these findings can’t tell you everything about your target marketing, but they may give you some insight into what Internet users found worth their time this year.

What were the trending search terms in the United Kingdom this year? Take a look:

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It is easy to see why many of these searches were so popular. Current events and celebrities who made the news are always popular on the Internet.

A few more interesting finds include the chart toppers:

  • Trending News Search: “Euro 2012”
  • Most Searched Royal Family Member: “Queen Elizabeth”
  • Trending Songs: “Gangnam Style”
  • Trending Image: “Facebook”
  • Trending Travel Destination: “Rio de Janeiro”
  • Trending Sport: “Synchronized Swimming”

The 2012 search trends for the United Kingdom give a fun and telling glimpse into what was popular online this year.

Trends and Your Brand

Of course, these trending searches aren’t likely to be the same searches that bring your target markets to your website. However, using analytics tools, like Google Analytics, you can find out what search terms bring users to your site and which terms you rank for. This information can help you measure how successful your SEO strategies are and can also help you make important digital marketing decisions.

Google Trends can show you where keyword searches are coming from and related search terms. Image source

You can use Google Trends to find out how many people are searching for specific terms. By combining these tools, you can find out which keywords you should spend your time trying to rank for. For example, if users are landing on your page by searching for a keyword, you can plug that keyword into Google Trends to find out what geographic areas people are searching from and how popular related search terms are, both very important pieces of information for a digital marketing and SEO strategy.

Knowing what your market is searching for, and what kinds of terms they may be likely to search for, will help you develop an SEO and marketing strategy that will drive traffic to your site, boost your brand image and increase your business’ success.