Google Product Ads now Incorporate Local Availability

Google has updated its product ads so now shoppers can see if a product is available near them and even browse related products at the same store. This new update will make it easier for businesses to bring in shoppers and even make more sales. It will be available to Google Merchant Center users and your business will be able to start using it soon.

Local Availability

When you use Google Merchant Center, you can update Google on what products you have available, how many you have in stock and what their prices are. You can do this for each of your store locations so a shopper can find out if the location closest to him has what he is looking for.

Now, people using desktop computers and smartphones may see ads from your business for your products. The ads will include information on the price, availability and location of the product.

This update makes it even easier for you to use ads to make sales, since your customers will know right away what kinds of products you have available at your locations.

Local Storefront

The second part of this new update is called local storefront. If a user clicks on one of your product ads, she’ll be directed to your online, local storefront where she can browse similar products, their prices and their availability.

This means you could make additional sales more easily. If someone finds an ad for a product she is looking for, she may also discover more, similar products she also wants to buy at your location.

How to Use the new Features

Right now, these features are being used by a select number of stores and brands in the United States. But, Google announced that they will soon be available to businesses everywhere. In order for your ads to display what products you have in stock, how many you have and what their prices are, you must use Google Merchant Center. The information you provide will stay up to date so your ads will reflect current information.

Businesses will pay for the ads on a cost-per-click basis, so your cost will depend on how well your Product Listing Ads perform. You will not be charged for clicks or interactions on the storefront interface. In other words, you will pay for the initial click from customers who then go on to browse the rest of your inventory, free of charge to you.

These new features will make shopping easier for customers while making it simpler for you to promote your products. You’ll be able to tell customers exactly what you have in stock and even let them see what kinds of related products you have in your stores.

This blend of online advertising with local search is a good fit for businesses that have brick-and-mortar stores and are working to increase their sales. You can prepare to use the new features by signing up for Google Merchant Center so that when the features are widely available you’ll be prepared to take advantage of them and enhance your advertising efforts.