Google Plus Features you Should be Using

Google Plus is an up-and-coming social media network that can help you reach your market and even achieve higher search rankings. But, to get these benefits you have to take advantage of some of the site’s features.

Once your profile is complete and as you start to share content and build a following, use these features to make sure you are fully leveraging your account.


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One of the biggest things that sets Google Plus apart from many other social networks is how easy it makes it to share content with select groups of people. On Google Plus, you can organise the people you connect with into different circles and then share your content publicly, with all of your followers or just with select circles.

This feature makes it very easy to target your content to the right people. You can easily share different kinds of content with different groups of people to see better social media marketing results.


Like Twitter, Google Plus uses hashtags, which make it easier for your posts to be found. When you use relevant hashtags, people searching for information or browsing through posts with that hashtag will find your posts more easily.

Google Plus takes this concept a step further by automatically adding related hashtags to your posts. These are added to the top of a post and are blue. Those that you add manually are grey. You can easily delete related hashtags by hovering over them and clicking the “X.” When a user hovers over one hashtag, the others from a post will appear below it.


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As a Google Plus user, you can create and join public and private communities so you can contribute to group discussions and connect with people with common interests. You can post status updates, images and links to these communities and invite others to join.

This is another way you can target specific groups of people. For example, if you run an electronics store, you might join communities about smartphones, laptops or technology and business where you can connect with potential customers.

When you create your own community, you can create an online hub where your customers or fans can connect with each other and your business to discuss specific topics and share relevant content. This is a great way to spark some engagement and interaction between your customers and your business.

Real Time Events Photos

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Google Plus events are a little different than events features on other social networks. The feature has basic elements, like the ability to set a date, time and place for an event and invite people to it, but it offers much more than that.

When you create an event, people will be able to upload photos to the event page, even in real time, so that everyone can see them. This is a great way for attendees to participate and engage during and even after an event, and makes it much easier to share images. Instead of having to track down all the pictures by talking to attendees or going to several different websites, all the photos will be right there on your event page.

Take full advantage of your Google Plus page by sharing relevant content, building a following and taking advantage of these, and the other great features, on the site.