Google News can Bring more Site Traffic than Facebook. Here’s Why

Today, Search Engine Journal posted an article revealing that, according to research from Digiday, Google News actually drives more site traffic than Facebook or any other social media site. I recently blogged about how Google is now allowing more non-traditional sites to rank in its news section, which means businesses that have news-centric blogs could have a new way to increase traffic.

Current Content Attracts Readers and Builds your Reputation

When you produce content about current events, industry trends and things that are happening right now, you will attract more readers. People often search for news topics and events, so this kind of content will help you bring in organic traffic.

With Google News, you could leverage news-worthy content to help you get more visitors to your website. As your content ranks in the news section, more people will find it and you will begin to build a reputation as a business that is on the cutting edge.

As you produce content about current topics, you are showing your market that you are in the know, understand your market well and are at the forefront of industry developments. These characteristics are attractive to potential customers and can help you establish yourself as an expert and resource.

Sharing and Search Both Matter

Content marketing plans should include strategies for making content both shareable and search engine friendly. You do want your market to like your content so much that people will share it from your website or blog to their social media accounts or even on their own blogs. This kind of content helps you get your market’s attention and reach a wider audience.

But, you also need to make sure your content is optimised. Keyword density, links and site optimisation are all important in helping you rank content so more people will find it as they search the internet. Higher rankings will help you increase traffic.

To use Google News’ potential to refer more traffic than social media, you need to use SEO best practices and follow Google News’ guidelines.

Making your content shareable and searchable is essential if you want to use it to drive more traffic to your website.

Can You use Google News?

If you publish current, newsworthy content on your website you can use Google News to generate traffic. This approach could help you increase the number of site visitors to your site while establishing yourself as a resource for news and current information.

Google has explained that in order to rank on Google News, a site must first be admitted into Google News. Your site will need to publish content that is news related and isn’t considered marketing material. It will also need to be user friendly and use meta tags correctly.

Google has an entire guide for businesses that would like to get their site into Google News, where you can learn more about the process and how you can benefit from it.