Google Launches +Post Ads, Giving Advertisers Interactive Options

Ads are coming to Google Plus. Well, kind of. Google has announced that it will be offering what it calls +Post ads, which are in essence social, interactive ads that are similar to Google Plus posts, but will be published across the Internet.

The advertisements will look very similar to Google Plus posts and will give site visitors the opportunity to +1, share and even comment on the ad. Another interesting facet of this new ad strategy is that businesses who create +Post ads will only have to pay Google if a reader hovers his mouse over the ad for two seconds, and the ad expands, making it easier to interact with it.

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According to Google, Google Plus users will even be able to easily turn their posts into ads, which makes ad creation much easier for businesses. Currently, only a few businesses are testing +Post ads but they will be available to all businesses at a future date. You can sign up for the beta version now.

Google has stated that these new ads will not be shown on Google Plus, which doesn’t show any ads, but will be posted on sites that are part of the Google Display Network. This network includes about 2 million websites, so it is a powerful channel for marketers.

With the announcement, Google stated that these interactive ads are more effective because they encourage interaction, help build conversations and even have higher click through rates than traditional ads.

Why +Post Ads Could be Valuable to Your Business

If your business is working toward building an online community and reaching its target markets through a variety of websites, these ads could be very valuable to your brand.

With +Post ads, you can generate interaction about different topics, products and even make it easier for people to respond to your calls to action. These interactive ads also give brands a new way to let loyal customers and fans help them do their marketing.

Since +Post ads can be shared, users can help your business by promoting it to their friends, which can help you get your ads in front of more people and can help persuade potential customers. In many cases, people are more likely to trust their friends more than a business, so by allowing your market to share, or endorse, your ads you can more easily influence your market.

Of course, these ads can also help you build your Google Plus following, since all of your ads will include a “Follow” button. This is an excellent way to both advertise your business and boost your social media following.

If your business uses Google Plus, or is working on ways to use social media marketing and online advertising, this option is definitely worth exploring. The new +Post ads give businesses the unique opportunity to create extremely interactive online advertisements and connect with their markets in entirely new ways.