Google Launches Free Dynamic Sitelinks for AdWords Users

Google has announced a new perk for AdWords users: dynamic sitelinks. Now, businesses will benefit from automatically generated links to specific pages on their site, which can help them draw in more customers.

The new links have already been launched in all countries and they are free. You do not have to pay an additional fee when you set up a campaign and you don’t even have to pay for the clicks on these links. You will continue to pay for clicks on your ads’ headlines and extensions.

Right now, sitelinks appear below paid search ads. The links direct people to specific pages on your website so you can more easily target your market and strategically drive traffic to your pages. For example, an ad for used cars might include a sitelink that directs people to car listings or contact information on your website.

Now, Google will use a person’s search history to automatically display sitelinks that are likely to be of interest to him. These dynamic sitelinks will help your ads attract more people and make it possible to display more relevant information.

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How it Works

Google explains that when someone is searching the Internet for a product, she usually does a few different searches and clicks on different results. This information tells the search engine more about what the user is looking for. Google will use this information to display dynamic sitelinks below your ads in an effort to display more relevant information and help you target your market.

While you won’t have to pay to use dynamic sitelinks or even pay for the clicks on these links, you will still be paying for headline and extension links. If your dynamic links lead to more of these clicks, you may be paying a little more for your AdWords campaigns, although they could bring more value.

The new dynamic links will appear on web browsers on desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

What Dynamic Sitelinks can Do

Dynamic sitelinks can help you more narrowly target potential customers and drive more traffic to your website. These links make it easier for you to offer what people are looking for, which makes them more likely to become your customers.

Search Engine Watch found that dynamic sitelinks do have an impact on AdRank and Quality Score.

How you can Start Using the New Feature

To use the new sitelinks, you must be using Google AdWords campaigns. When you set up a campaign, be sure to select “Search Network with Display Select” or “Search Network Only.”

If you set up your own sitelinks for your ads, these will be the default for the campaign. Google will always show the links you set up automatically unless the search engine determines the dynamic sitelinks will be a better fit according to a user’s searches.

Businesses can also opt out of the dynamic sitelinks program through Google support.

Dynamic Sitelinks are a great way to help you enhance your ads and make them more effective. If you are using AdWords, strengthen your campaigns by making sure they are strategically planned, are using the best keywords and that you have enabled dynamic sitelinks.