Google Launches 360-Degree Video Ads

Google has launched an exciting new feature: 360-degree video ads. These ads are highly interactive and their scope and technical nature make them fun to watch.

In March, Google announced that YouTube would support 360-degree videos and now the company is offering them to advertisers. With the right equipment, your business could use these ads on YouTube.

How 360-Degree Videos Work

A 360-degree video is filmed from all angles so the resulting footage feels as if you are standing in one position and turning in a complete circle to view all the angles around you. When the video starts playing, viewers will see a round navigation menu with four arrows, which they can use to change their viewpoint.

As viewers click the buttons they will see all aspects of the video and can follow the action as things happen all around their vantage point. Mobile users can actually navigate the videos just by moving their phone.

The best way to understand how neat this feature is is to watch a 360-degree video. You can see Google’s announcement for some links to 360-degree videos and try them for yourself.

Creating Your own 360-Degree Ads

To create your own 360-degree video, you will need a special camera that has the ability to film 360-degree video footage so you can record all angles at once. Google’s announcement also includes a list of some 360-degree cameras that would work for this type of project.

Then, you will need to use the 360 Video Metadata app to upload the video. Google notes that YouTube’s editing tools do not support 360-degrees, so you will need to do all your editing before you upload the final piece. Once your video is uploaded, you can use it as part of your advertising campaigns.

360-Degree Tips

This kind of filming is different from the production of regular video ads. Your videos should still include a strong message and call to action and be professionally produced. But, here are a few other tips to keep in mind.

Leverage the 360-Degree Feature

The whole purpose of this new feature is to immerse viewers into a scene, so take advantage of the technology and plan your videos to include action from all angles. Make sure your viewers can understand what is going on and that there isn’t so much action that it becomes confusing, but take advantage of the 360-degree capability.

Make People Aware for Longer Viewing Times

As this is a relatively new feature, viewers may miss the navigation button on your videos and not realise they use the 360-degree technology. Keep people watching and encourage them to interact with your videos by telling people the video is in 360-degrees. You can use a voice over or a title screen that uses the term 360-degrees or encourage people to use the navigation button.

Promote the Technology

The technology of these new videos and ads alone can help you generate interest and create an online buzz. Use social media to tell people they can check out your latest 360-degree video to get a whole new look into your business or at how your products work.

These new ads bring a lot of opportunities to businesses that can refresh and bring new elements to their video marketing and advertising campaigns and draw attention to their video content.