Google Introduces Consumer Surveys for Market Research

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Google has announced a new tool called Consumer Surveys that site owners and marketers can use to do market research and earn more money as they grant visitors access to content.

What are Consumer Surveys?

Consumer Surveys can be embedded on your site and allow you to provide content to users when they complete a survey. If you use this tool, you will earn money for each question your site visitors answer.

You can also use the surveys to gather information about your market so you can make your Internet marketing plans more targeted and effective.

You will get to choose where on your site they will appear and how much content to make available to users who complete the surveys. As of now, Consumer Surveys are only available in the US, UK and Canada.

What is the Purpose of Consumer Surveys?

Consumer Surveys can be used by people doing market research to learn more about what specific markets need, what their opinions are and how they feel about specific topics so they can enhance their marketing plans and better reach their markets.

They can also be used by site owners to learn what visitors think and how a website can be improved. This tool could give you almost instant feedback about how your site looks and works and how you can make it better.

Why Would I use Them?

Get Valuable Feedback from Users

You can use Consumer Surveys to get feedback from your market that can help you optimise your website and enhance your Internet marketing strategies. The surveys tool offers some default questions, which are free to use, and you can write your own, which you will pay for according to how many people answer them.

Do Market Research

Consumer Surveys can also help you do market research, which can make your marketing much more effective. You can use this new tool to ask questions and direct them toward specific demographics and then get analysed results.

Increase Earnings

Of course, Consumer Surveys can also help you make more money from your website or blog. You can choose to publish surveys from others on your website, for which you will earn money for each question that is answered.

How can I Start Using Consumer Surveys?

To start using this tool, you will need to become part of the Google Consumer Surveys publisher network. You will need an AdSense account and your site must have an audience of people who are over the age of 18. You will also be required to meet and adhere to Google’s Publisher Program Policies. You can find out more about these, and the other requirements for this program, in Google’s official Consumer Surveys announcement.

You can learn more about this tool and start using it on the new Google Consumer Surveys website. This could be an excellent way to learn more about your own market, find ways to improve your site and earn some additional income from your website.