Google Emphasises Video for Mobile Marketing — What you Should do Now

A new report by Google emphasises the importance of video when it comes to mobile marketing. Backed by research, the search giant explains why videos are so essential if you want to reach your market online through their mobile devices.

Mobile is the New Normal

You just have to look around next time you’re out and about or at the office, or even consider your own habits, to realise just how dependent on our smartphones we have become. Most of us use them several times a day to interact with friends and coworkers, keep up on social media, find entertainment or follow the news.

But, video has emerged as a major player in the mobile world. We are using our mobile gadgets more and more to watch funny videos, look for video tutorials, watch video reviews and entertain ourselves.

According to the new report, “50 percent of global viewership on YouTube comes from mobile devices” and “millennials are two times more likely to be focused while watching video on mobile than while viewing it on TV. To them, mobile isn’t the second or third screen. It’s the first.”

Video’s Unique Results

But, what does all this mean for marketers? According to Google, people who watch videos on their smartphones are much more likely than computer or TV users to watch branded videos, share them and feel connected to this kind of content.

The report also found that those who watch videos on their smartphones are “1.4 times as likely to watch ads on their devices as TV viewers and as desktop viewers.” These viewers are also 2 times as likely as TV viewers and 1.3 times as likely as desktop computer viewers to feel personally connected to brands that share video content.

Interestingly, people who watch branded videos on their smartphones are much more likely than those who watch it on TV to go to a company’s store or website, buy something, talk about the company, have a positive opinion about the company and share the video.

Steps you Should Take

Google’s latest report indicates that videos bring a lot of potential to a marketing plan. They can inspire people to take action and can help you reach more people, as more viewers are likely to pay attention to your online videos and share them with others.

Creatively using videos as part of your digital marketing plan will help you see these, and so many more, results that will benefit your business.

Make it Different

To stand out online, you need to be different. Find fresh approaches for your video content and make each piece professional and appealing to your market. Use good filming, editing and special effects to get attention.

Add a lot of Value

Use your videos to add value your market won’t want to miss. Videos that convey helpful information, entertain, inform or educate can all act as content that rewards its viewers and boosts your brand image.

Deliver what your Market Wants

As you brainstorm ideas and make your video concepts come to life through filming and editing, make sure you are delivering what your market wants. Answer common questions, solve problems, appeal to interests and become a valuable resource for your market. As you do this, people will be more likely to pay attention and respond.

Publish Strategically

Finally, publish your videos where your market will find them. Start with your own website or blog and incorporate social media to post your videos or link to them on your site. According to Google’s report, people who watch videos on their smartphones are 1.4 times as likely to pay attention to branded content or ads on YouTube than they are on the next highest-rated platform. Leveraging YouTube can help you build a loyal audience and reach new people.

Google’s new report emphasises the idea that video is a powerful marketing tool and shouldn’t be ignored as you promote your business online and use mobile tactics to build your brand and reach your market.

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