How Do I Create A Google Account For My Business?

How Do I Create A Google Account For My Business?

6 Steps to have your Google business account up and running!

As you develop your business, setting up a Google business account that keeps up is essential. As your business grows you often end up with endless Gmail addresses, making it impossible to keep up with which email runs which account. The solution? Setting up a Google account for your business. Here we have brought you a handy guide on how to set up a Google business account for your business.

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Having a Google business account gets you noticed. Search engines love it, meaning more people can find you when looking for your products and services. The incredibly simple process of setting up a Google business account not only functions well when you need to run a whole host of online platforms but also gets you noticed in the online world.  

For those of you with a Google email account, hooray! This means that while you’re logged in, you’ll get access helpful business tools and platforms. From Google My Business to Google Analytics, you’ll have some of the industry’s best tools at your fingertips.

However, if you do not already have a Google email account don’t worry, you can still access all of Google’s features by registering under your current email address. This process is covered in the steps listed below.

How to set up a Google business account

1. Firstly, you will need to go to and click on the blue ‘sign in’ button at the top of the page (if you are already logged in then you will need to log out of your account before starting this process)

2. Secondly, you need to click the ‘create account’ link which is located below the ‘sign in’ box for a new Google account sign up form

3. Next, you need to follow the onscreen instructions, filling in your first and last names

4. At this stage, it is possible to use your own email address, even if it is not a Google email account. Simply select the ‘I prefer to use my current email address’ link below the ‘choose your username’ box. Now you can enter your email address.

5. After this, simply follow the onscreen steps.

  • Create and confirm a password
  • Enter your date of birth – it may seem obvious, but it is important to enter your date of birth here, rather than entering the date of birth of your company. This stops you from incurring any restrictions Google places on 18-21-year-olds (unless your business is over 21 years old of course)
  • Select your gender
  • Add a mobile phone number – this is particularly useful for account recovery services
  • And add your geographic location

6.Finally, you will need to select the ‘next step’ button and then accept Google’s privacy and terms and conditions policies

Now you have created your Google business account. Being a member of the Google community means you can access all the usual features – calendar, Google+, Google drive etc. Be sure to use the tools which with assist your business demands. These tools are really useful for the organisational side of things. An added bonus is how easy they are to set up and use. To take your business to the next level however, it will be very worthwhile to setup a Google my business account.

Consider a Google My Business profile

When people search for you online, Google my business provides you with a dedicated business section. You will have a profile where you can fill in important details (such as contact information and opening hours) as well as being able to post updates and receive business reviews. Google my business also means that your company will appear on the web in other ways, including Google maps. This enables people to notice your business when looking at a specific location, drawing in more customers.

Sound good? Here is how you can quickly and easily create a Google my business account.

Firstly, you will need to visit and click on the ‘start now’ link. You will then be shown some fields to fill in. This includes adding your business name and information, the more specific, accurate and detailed you can be here the better and this will serve to refine the relevance of your results later on.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. So be careful and considerate when entering your information. Think about how this will look to your audience and also remember to contemplate how the profile will look as a whole. Potential customers will be quick to click off your profile if it does not live up to their expectations. Be sure to include suitable images and logos so that you are easily recognisable.

Enjoy the benefits of a Google business account

Now that your Google business account is up and running you can sit back and enjoy all the positives it brings. By increasing your online presence and combining all of your online marketing efforts will mean you’ll find yourself gathering a multitude of new leads and improving traffic to your website.

Insights also allow you to track your progress on a monthly basis if you have a Google business account through Google my business. This gives you access to detailed evaluations of how your clients are searching for you, how they come across you and how they navigate your profile. This allows you to see what your Google business account does well, and also highlight areas in which you could improve.

In need of some guidance? Contact us today – we would love to help.

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