Google+ Adoption and Engagment is Up!

Google+ is slowly but surely gathering momentum amongst brands, with more and more adopting and expanding into this relatively quiet social network. This may be down to the integration of social media data into search results, which makes Google+ as much an exercise in SEO as SMM. Although, the data seems to suggest that there is genuine interaction and sharing.

Data released by Simply Measured revealed that Google+ engagement amongst the top 100 brands is on the rise. 64% of the top 100 brands now have a Google+ page, and 43% of these are making regular posts, around 3 times per week. This is up from just 11% back in December.

The top brands dominating Google+ at the moment are Ferrari, H&M, Gucci, Burberry and Starbucks. The overall trend seems to show that cars, electronics and luxury goods are the most engaging on Google+.

So, they’re activly posting, but is anyone actually reading, sharing, or taking any notice of them? Yes! 23% of the top 100 brands have circles which exceed 100,000 members. And the growth of ‘circlers’ amongst these top 100 brands is also very impressive.

‘Content is King’ isn’t just a fad phase, it’s exactly how these brands gained their following. Multi-media sharing accounted for most of their updates, and while Photos were the most shared items, videos were the most engaging. Engagement was most active during the working day; the peak time was 10am, with the peak day being Wednesday.