Go Beyond the Promotional Video: 12 Ways to get Creative with Video

Image courtesy of Michiel S./Flickr.

Video marketing is a powerful way to convey messages to your market and when added to your online marketing strategy, video marketing can play an important part in your overall plan, becoming an even more valuable tool.

But, to really get the most out of video marketing you need to go beyond the promotional video. Boring, bland videos that are full of sales material and overly promotional usually aren’t very effective. But, by adding some creativity to your videos you can still promote your business and reap the rewards of video marketing.

Show Products in Action

Don’t just tell your market about your products; let people see them in action. Record some short videos that show exactly what your products or services can do. This can be especially helpful if you have fun products or services that are hard to fully describe with written blurbs.

Go Behind the Scenes

Give people a look inside your business by creating some behind the scenes videos that show your offices, production processes, event set up or other aspects of your business in a way people don’t normally get to see them. These can be fun to watch and are an easy way to show people why your business is different. They also let people feel more connected and involved with your business.

Take an Event even Further

These days, it’s entirely possible to take your event worldwide with just some basic equipment. Set up some live webcasts and broadcast your events through social media so people everywhere can participate. You can also record and edit event footage and share the video on your blog and through social media. This is a great strategy for product launches and major announcements.

Publish Tutorials

Video tutorials are especially valuable if your products or services need some explanation. They can help new users become comfortable with your products and are an excellent and successful form of customer service.

Create an Interesting Series

Create a video series that is in line with your marketing messages to keep the momentum going and encourage people to keep coming back for more. These can add a lot to a content marketing campaign and make it something more than a collection of blog posts or online articles.

Tell your Brand Story

Video is a great tool for storytelling. Produce a short video that tells people where your business came from, what you stand for, why you offer your products and who you are. Use footage of your founder, employees, products and locations to make the video more interesting.

Introduce your Employees

Let your market get to know you and add some personality to your brand by using a video to introduce your employees. You could create a single piece that highlights key members of your team or a short snippet for each of your corporate leaders.

Show off a Location

Using video to show off a location or a new store can really help you promote all of its features and benefits. This is a good way to introduce your business to a new community or publicise a change of location.

Offer a Sneak Peek

Sneak peeks that give people a glimpse of a new product, upcoming event, new location or new service can help you promote it and create an online buzz about it. This kind of video also makes people feel like they are in on something new, which makes them more likely to pay attention.

Get your Customers Involved

Use video to get your customers involved by hosting a video contest. Ask for submissions that show your products being used or creative ways people are using your services. This lets you show off successes and tell your story through current customers, which can help you attract new ones.

Make Testimonials come to Life

Make your testimonials come to life by producing videos that depict some of your satisfied customers recommending your business and products. This makes testimonials more interesting and personable, but you may also want to use text versions for your website, press releases and other marketing materials.

Let your Personality Shine with Entertainment

Videos can be extremely entertaining and can add a fun twist and some extra personality to your marketing campaign. When circumstances allow, make some light-hearted videos that will entertain your market while still promoting your products. In many cases, it’s these kind of videos that are shared frequently through social media and even go viral.

There’s no question that videos can bring a lot to your marketing plan and when you step outside the box and get creative they can become even more powerful. As you develop your plans, look for ways you can use videos to amplify your messages and get your market’s attention.