Give Pinterest Users what they Want and See Big Results

When you give Pinterest users what they want, they will be much more likely to engage with your account. Your content will capture attention, interest your target market and make people want to follow you, repin your posts and click on your images.

But, to do this you need to know what Pinterest users want.

General Pinterest Topic Trends

Pinterest tends to attract specific types of content and there are some categories and content types that are more popular than others. Cision reports that the most pinned and browsed categories on Pinterest are: food and drink, do-it-yourself ideas and crafts, home decor, and holidays and events.

You can also find out what is trending on Pinterest just by looking at the “Popular” category on the website. This will give you a quick glimpse into what kind of content people are interacting with on any given day.

Effective Visual Elements

Buffer reported on research that found that there are five visual elements that the most popular Pinterest content has in common: multiple dominant colours, few human faces, little background, inclusion of red, orange or brown, and inclusion of moderate light and colour.

Other things you can do to make your images stand out include using professional quality pictures, adding text on top of images that promises value and using fun, inspirational images that are relevant to your brand and market.

Find What your Market Wants

Of course, it is vital that you find what your specific market wants if you want to be successful on Pinterest. You need to know what kind of content people are looking for and what stands out to them, making them want to pin it or click on it, landing on your website.

The easiest way to find out what people want is to ask them. Do some surveys or polls to find out what people in your target market use Pinterest for and even consider asking them to list specific topics they are interested in.

One of the biggest perks that comes with a Pinterest business account is access to analytics. With Pinterest analytics you can find out how your content is performing, which can give you invaluable insight into what your unique market wants. By monitoring these statistics you can learn what to share, what topics get attention and what your market is looking for, which can help you create more effective Pinterest marketing plans.

You can also do some research to find out what your Pinterest audience is interested in by following and interacting with members of your target market. Find out what kind of content they are posting and what topics they seem to be following.

When you post what your market wants, your Pinterest account will become a much more valuable marketing tool. It will help you promote your own content, gain an online following, drive traffic to your own website and solidify your online brand.

Get creative to find ways you can connect your brand with popular and trending topics, post visually appealing content and do some research to find out what your market wants and start leveraging your account.