Getting more out of your PPC Campaigns

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When you use pay-per-click campaigns, it’s important that you regularly look for ways to improve them. Best practices, your market and even your business all change, which means your PPC campaigns need to evolve with them.

But, where do you start? The best way to assess your PPC efforts is to look at what you are doing and what kind of results you are getting. If the results aren’t what you are looking for, change your strategy in ways that will bring bigger successes. These steps can help you make sure your PPC efforts will be successful.

Use your Marketing Funnel

Your PPC campaign should correlate with your overall marketing strategy. Look closely at your marketing funnel and decide where your PPC ads and tactics fit in. Ask yourself if you want your PPC campaign to intercept people as they become aware of your business, explore your products, decide whether or not to buy or when they are ready to make a purchase. Then, make sure the language, keywords and strategies behind your PPC campaign fit with that stage of the marketing funnel and target the right audience.

Choose Your Keywords Carefully

Don’t just use the first keywords that come to mind when you set up your PPC campaigns. Do some research and think carefully about your market and what words your target audience is likely to use. Some things to keep in mind include your brand, products, where in the marketing funnel a campaign falls and what kinds of calls to action you will be using.

Align Calls to Action with your End Goal

You already know how important it is that you use calls to action, but do your calls to action align with your end goal? Asking your market to do something that won’t help you accomplish your goals is counterproductive and won’t help your business.

For example, if your end goal is to make more sales, ask your market to take advantage of special pricing and make a purchase. If you want people to contact you, ask your market to call you and provide your phone number. It is essential that your calls to action and end goals work together.

Test and Track your Efforts

In most cases, your first PPC campaign tactics won’t bring the best results. You will need to test ad copy, keywords and other elements of your campaign to find out what works best for your business and audience. If you never try new things or test different approaches, you will never know if you are reaching your highest potential.

Watch your Competition

Watching your competition can help you find ways to enhance your own PPC campaigns. What keywords are they targeting? What kinds of ads are they using? When you know what other PPC campaigns your target market is exposed to, you know what you need to do to stand out and capture peoples’ attention.

Using PPC campaigns is a great way to drive traffic to your site and achieve other marketing goals. As you build and enhance your PPC campaigns, use these tips to make sure they are effective and that you will get the best results possible.