Get More Video Views with These Tweaks

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Whether you are producing sales spots, how-to videos, product reviews, video blog posts or any other kind of video, one of your goals is likely to get more views. The more people that watch your video, the wider your audience is and the more reach your marketing campaign has.


To get more shares you have to start with an excellent, high-quality video. Make sure it reflects your brand and includes a clear call to action.


Then, use some of these tweaks to perfect your video so it gets shared online and brings the best results possible.

Edit Purposefully

First, keep it short and simple. When you edit your video, do it purposefully by making sure the edits help you convey your message and don’t confuse the viewer.


Also make sure people aren’t distracted when you present your call to action. You can do this by sticking with a black screen or still image while you use your call to action or just by toning down the action to shift the focus to your goal.

Make it Easy to Respond

What good is a call to action if people can’t respond? As you put the finishing touches on your video, check to make sure it is easy for people to respond to your call to action so you will see results.


For example, if you ask people to follow you on social media, provide URLs or links to your accounts. If you want people to buy a product, link to that product or provide information about your store location.

Write a Compelling, Optimised Description

When you have edited and saved the final version of your video, the next thing you should do is write a compelling, optimised description. This description can be used when you post your video to YouTube, other social media sites and even your website or blog.


The description should describe the benefit your video provides and make people want to watch it. It should also use keywords naturally so that your video will be more likely to appear in search results, making it more likely that your market will find it.

Choose Distribution Channels Wisely

Once you’re ready to start sharing your video, choose your distribution channels wisely. There are all kinds of places you can share your video, including your website, social media accounts and even third-party websites.


It’s important that you focus on the channels that will bring the best results. This means using the sites that your market uses, sharing your videos through methods that have brought you results before and making sure your message is relevant to the site it is posted on.


To get more out of your videos, start with a piece that consists of an excellent concept, is professionally made and has a call to action. Then, use these tweaks to make sure your video is ready to help you reach your market and bring bigger results.