How to Get People to Build Links to your Site for You

You know that links to your website help you achieve higher search rankings and drive more traffic to your website. Your marketing and search engine optimisation strategies probably already include plans to build links, but you can also encourage people to build links for you.

When your market is helping you build links you’re benefiting from word of mouth and increased brand awareness and you will get better rankings and site traffic.

Create Great Content

Before you can encourage link building, you need to produce content people will want to link to. Your blog posts, site pages, photos, infographics, guides and other content all need to provide value and be things people will want to share.

When the content you share is high quality and is interesting, entertaining and valuable, people will want to share it through social media and on their own websites and blogs. Provide the kinds of resources that provide so much value that people won’t be able to resist sharing them.

Provide Content for Embedding

Visual content, like infographics, pictures, and videos, is perfect for embedding. Create this kind of content along with code that people can copy and paste into their own websites and blogs, which also links the content back to your website.

This is a win-win tactic because your content will get in front of more people, helping you reach a much bigger audience, and site owners and bloggers will love some free content that fits their audience.

Attract Media and Blog Attention

Another way to entice people to link to your website is to attract attention from media outlets and major blogs. One of the best ways to do this is to create breaking-news content, launch exciting products and provide something no one else can.

For example, if you are offering a ground-breaking service that is much better than anything else on the market, blogs in your industry will naturally want to write about you and link back to your website.

You can create news and get links from news sites when you launch new products, open new stores or break records. In some cases, you may need to distribute press releases to get this kind of attention and these links.

Reach out to Bloggers

If people aren’t coming to you, go to them. Reaching out to bloggers, without paying them for links, is an excellent way to build links to your website. Bloggers like to work with businesses they believe in, so focus on targeting the right bloggers and building relationships.

When people with large audiences get excited about your business and products, they will want to talk about you and link to your website, which can bring big results. You’ll not only get more traffic and higher rankings, but your brand will benefit from testimonials, exposure and recommendations from major bloggers.

As people start linking to your website, you’ll be gaining natural links that search engines love and that will help you get higher rankings. You’ll also benefit from a bigger audience, more exposure and increased brand awareness.