Get More Subscribers to Your Blog by Making These Five Changes

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Building a blog following and a large subscription list can help you reach your customers, get the word out about new products and even bring more traffic to your website. Email subscriptions are a common marketing tool, but for this to be successful, your blog needs to have a few things in place before you start your subscription drive.

Move from Boring Posts to Valuable Information

If your blog doesn’t offer any valuable information, readers won’t have a reason to subscribe. Make your blog shine and attract subscribers by posting content that your audience doesn’t want to miss. If your posts are informative, helpful and offer some value to the reader, they will naturally attract subscribers.

Depending on your industry and audience, you may want to experiment with different types of content like photos, videos, reviews or guest posts. It will likely take some time to find out what your audience loves, but once you do, that information can help you produce more valuable content that will make people want to subscribe to your posts.

Show Your Readers How to Subscribe

If your subscription form is burred at the bottom of your post or blends in with your blog design too much, your readers won’t even realize they can subscribe to your blog. Make it obvious that your readers can get new posts in their inbox and highlight your subscription form using contrasting colors or a big button.

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Offer Special Perks to Subscribers

Sometimes readers like to feel like they are part of the “in” crowd. You can foster this feeling by offering special perks like extra content, early access to a new product, or discounts to subscribers. This strategy can be used off and on as needed. For example, you could promote a new store location by giving subscribers a discount on opening day. Or, you could password-protect some of your content and only allow subscribers to gain access to these posts.

Promote the Reasons for Subscribing

Your readers most likely need to be told why they should subscribe to your blog. Not every blog reader reads a post and immediately subscribes so that she’ll get notifications of new posts. Weave the perks of subscribing through your blog posts or even include a note on your sidebar that announces why someone should sign up. As you run promotions for your subscribing members, remind all your other readers that they too can take advantage of the promotion by becoming a subscriber.

Ask Your Readers to Subscribe

When all the other things, like quality content, subscription perks and an easy-to-find form are aligned, you should directly ask your readers to subscribe. You can do this at the end of some of your posts, through social media or dedicate a post to explaining the perks of subscribing and asking your readers to sign up.

As you implement these changes your subscription list will steadily grow. Don’t forget to continue using these strategies as new readers find your blog and as you find new marketing opportunities.