Get Earned Links and Boost your Search Rankings

Earned links, or links that other people build to your website naturally, are valuable in the world of search engine optimisation. These links show Google that your website is an excellent resource and a legitimate source of content and information.

Getting these valuable earned links requires a mix of social media, public relations and marketing tactics.

Make News and Share it

One of the best ways to earn links is to make news. Things like new product launches, fast growth, new leadership, new locations and events are all types of stories that media outlets will want to cover, with a link back to your site.

Share newsworthy stories and information through press releases and by reaching out to news outlets and journalists. Also, don’t be afraid to think creatively to find connections between your business and current events to get media attention.

Become a Thought Leader

When your business becomes the go-to leader and source for information, you can build earned links to your website. For example, if you are a well-known expert on technology as it is used in education, journalists, bloggers and site owners will contact you for information and quotes for their content. These should all be linked back to your website.

Become a thought leader through your content marketing and social media plans by standing out as a resource that is valuable and reliable.

Build Relationships with Bloggers

To get to the point where people reach out to you for your thoughts and opinions as an expert, you’ll need to build your reputation through Internet marketing. You will also need to build relationships with journalists and bloggers so you’ll be the first person or business they reach out to when they write about your industry.

Building relationships takes time, but you can start by emailing bloggers when you have information they might be interested in covering, sending them press releases, inviting them to events or asking them to write a product review. Make sure you foster relationships that are beneficial for both of you, and don’t focus only on what relationships can do for you.

Be Involved in your Community and Industry

Getting involved in your community through events, research, volunteering, publishing white papers, offering samples, sponsoring other organisations or events and in other ways will help you get your name out there and become part of conversations about your area or industry.

As you build a reputation as a business that is very involved, your name will naturally come up in news reports, blog posts, other websites and forums online, which will help you get earned links back to your website.

Of course, you can’t expect to be able to passively wait for earned links. You need to continue with strong Internet marketing campaigns and actively promote your business and services.

As you make and share news, become an industry leader, build relationships with content creators and become highly involved in your community and industry, you will start to earn links back to your website, which will help you gain higher search rankings.