How to get More Action from Your Twitter Account

To get the most out of your Twitter account and turn it into a tool that helps you promote your business and reach your marketing goals, it needs to help you spur action. The types of actions you want your audience to complete depends on your business and goals. Here are a few common actions and how you can encourage your audience to follow through.

Follow Your Account

Of course, you need followers to get results from your account. But, you also need to make sure you get the right followers. People who are likely to become customers or otherwise interact with your business are the best kinds of followers because they are more likely to help your business grow. Some tips for gaining followers include:

  • Following Members of Your Target Market
  • Interacting with Other Users
  • Tweeting Interesting Information
  • Offering Discounts
  • Making Your Followers the First to Know about New Products
  • Promoting Your Account on Your Website, Other Social Media Accounts, and other Places

Visit Your Website

When your followers visit your website you can convert them into leads and make more sales. You also have more opportunities to tell your market about your business and products on your website than you do on Twitter. To get people to visit your website from Twitter, there are several tactics you can use:

  • Tweeting Links to your Blog
  • Writing Enticing Tweets
  • Teasing Content from Your Website
  • Asking users to Visit Your Site for Coupons
  • Offering Free Resources and Sharing them on Twitter

Buy a Product

Getting your followers to buy your products starts with building a relationship with them, getting them to visit your site and persuading them that your product provides value. You can also use calls to action on Twitter asking people to make a purchase. Some things you can do on Twitter to increase your sales include:

  • Linking to Your Products
  • Tweeting Discount Codes
  • Sharing Links to Testimonials
  • Doing Giveaways
  • Sharing Promotions
  • Promoting New Products

Interact with your Tweets

Interaction on Twitter will help you create a bigger presence on the site, build relationships with your followers, grow your following, drive traffic to your site and accomplish so many other things. The kind of interaction you strive for will depend on the results you want to see, but some simple ways to get people talking with you and about your business in positive ways include:

  • Tweeting things People will Want to Retweet
  • Asking Questions
  • Participating in Conversations
  • Mentioning Others in your Tweets
  • Occasionally Asking for Retweets
  • Promoting Contests or Giveaways

Join your Email List

If you use email marketing, you are probably working to build your email list. Email marketing can be extremely successful and you can use Twitter to help you reach a larger audience. Use your account to build your list by doing things like:

  • Giving an Incentive, like a Freebie, for Subscribing
  • Telling Followers why they Should Subscribe
  • Tweeting Links to your Blog Posts
  • Making People Aware of your Email Newsletters and How to Subscribe

When you take steps to make your Twitter account a more valuable resource and use these tips to generate more action, your account will become an integral part of your social media marketing strategy that will bring big results.