The Benefits of Using a Free SEO Audit Tool

We are very proud to announce the release of our Best Free SEO Audit Tool. This service will tell you within seconds what is working on your website, and what can be improved. It will ensure you are in a prime position to attract new customers and have the expertise and knowledge to maximise your online presence.

We provide a free website audit service that generates an instantly automated SEO audit for your website, with an overall score and advice on how to improve it, without having to pay a penny.

The data returned will act as a starting point to alert you as to key issues that, once corrected, will see your rankings increase and sales go through the roof. While this will never replace the advanced checks found in our technical SEO audits, we believe this provides extremely useful pointers for those looking for an introduction into the wonderful world of internet marketing.

Here are the five main benefits of using a free SEO audit tool for your business:

1) Current Reports

Today’s SEO changes all the time. In fact, every week, minute, second, Google is constructing a new algorithm that will undoubtedly have repercussions for your website. An SEO audit will uncover hidden issues that may not have been relevant when you first launched your online business. Conducting a regular SEO website audit will ensure you are following the best SEO practices outlined in Googles Webinar Guidelines.

2) Instant Analysis

There are so many website audit tools out there. However, the SEO audit tool found on Bigfoot Digital is unique in that it provides an instant quality score for your website. You receive a result in a matter of seconds with professional feedback, including site speed, external link analysis, content issues and technical reports.

There are not many places on the internet where you can say you receive such detailed feedback in just one click. We pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible to our site visitors and want you to get the most out of your time on page. For that reason, we deliver addition services you won’t find with any other SEO company.

3) Competitor Analysis

Wouldn’t you love to see how you rank against your competitors? Do you come out above them for your target keywords? Our SEO audit tool has the answers to all these questions, and more. Simply enter in the URL of your competitor alongside your website and click Generate My SEO Audit. It’s that simple.

4) Get Focused

Google, much like your site visitors, likes to see fresh, engaging content on your website. Taking a closer look at your website, it will highlight any potential errors, such as duplicate content and spam content that reflects by-gone practices of keyword stuffing. Today’s search engine is looking for unique, engaging content that converts well – isn’t that what everyone wants?

5) Simple Solutions

We provide simple solutions to complex digital errors that are damaging for your site. You will see a simple traffic light system displayed on the top of the results page, as follows:

Free SEO Audit Tool

We then go on to break any errors down into three main sections: Technical issues, content issues and external link data. You will receive solutions to any problems flagged up as urgent. We don’t use complex, SEO-speak but instead explain all reports in a that you can action. Remember, if you do have any questions about your results and would like to speak to a professional, we are only a phone call away.

Get in touch to discuss your results or drop us a call on 01226 720 755.