Four ways to use LinkedIn for your business

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network and therefore stands as one of the best platforms for businesses to build a professional community. By following these tips, you can turn your social network into an effective professional marketing resource.

To Post Content

One of the main ways to use LinkedIn for your business is for publishing content. Posting engaging, enticing and clickable content that is audience specific will help drive readers to your website. Furthermore, content that is specific to your business’s industry and offers an expert insight, will highlight your awareness of the field, making your audience much more likely to continue reading. Remember LinkedIn manages your professional social connections and content to like-minded individuals. Personalised call to action phrases, are also very important to have. Without telling your audience what you want them to do you’re going to see little movement.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network, so it only makes sense to post content about upcoming industry events and conferences that your business may be heading to. That way, your audience is always up to date on your company’s whereabouts.

It is also right to post job openings on LinkedIn. Anything that gives users further insights into the work environment and business in general, will create interest to open positions, potentially leading to increased and better qualified applicants.

To Encourage Employees to Share Brand Content

Encouraging your employees to push company news or media on their own LinkedIn profiles is an easy to way to increase your businesses audience and reach. After all, your employees are some of your biggest brand ambassadors.

Post Through LinkedIn Pulse

Pulse, LinkedIn’s publishing feature should be a top priority for your business. It provides you with an SEO boost, allows more in-depth audience targeting and notifies your entire network of LinkedIn connections that you have published a Pulse article. This is all drives more website traffic which is ultimately what you want, right?

Make the Most of LinkedIn Analytics

Now you’ve done all this, you need to make sure your activities are delivering results. LinkedIn Metrics such as page views, visitor demographics, unique visitors, impressions and clicks can all tell you more about your overall engagement efforts and whether your strategy is working.