Forget everything you ever read about Twitter timing…

I’ve always advised those who hunt me down for advice that the best time to use Twitter is around the middle of the day; anywhere between your 11am coffee fix and your 3pm tea break. This makes sense to me, and it’s easy to see why this would be the most popular time. If you’re using Twitter from work, or for work, then this would be the only acceptable time to Tweet.

And it’s backed up by figures and statistics; just look at how confirmatory this graph from Twitter statistics is.

However, new research revealed by TBG Digital has revealed the most active time for ad conversions is 6am to 12pm and 8pm to 12pm. Which is pretty much the exact opposite of everything I’ve said in the past.

This could be related to the way in which Twitter is used, with far more people turning to Twitter for a quick news fix rather than a casual natter. These differences could simply be a reflection of the different ways which we utilize Twitter, and may simply show that we’re far less likely to go off on a tangent by clicking on an ad during working hours, we save that for our personal time.

TBG digital carried out this research based on advertising statistics of only 10 brands, which is already a small sample. And they were the first to admit that these are also early emerging trends and don’t necessarily show future growth.

They also revealed that CMPs are much higher on Twitter than any other social network. It also revealed that ‘news’ category click through rates were higher on Twitter than Facebook, but Facebook still dominates for ‘travel’ and ‘consumer electronics’.

Tony Wang, the general manager of Twitter UK, told New Media Age; people often make the mistake of lumping Twitter in to the ‘social’ sphere. It could be compared to a news feed, or super quick micro-blogging RSS feed. In order to make the most of this network we have to alter our perception of it, and really try to understand why people are using it.

This is beneficial news to internet marketers; and futher reiterates the point I often try to make; if you want to be successful on Twitter you have to be a valuable resource. Interaction alone isn’t enough, you have to be sure you’re bringing something to the table.

via: New Media Age