Five Steps to Start Email Marketing for Your Website

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We’ve talked before about how to start email marketing the right way but when it comes time to execute your plans, how do you start? Of course, a good email marketing campaign starts with strategic planning, market identification and a strong website. But, beyond that, there are some specific steps you need to take to get your email marketing plans off the ground.

These steps are meant to be used after you have identified your audience, decided what kind of content you want to use and built an email list. Once you have a basic foundation in place, you can use these steps to help you start the technical process of running an email marketing campaign.

1. Create Enough Content for Five Emails

First, spend some time creating content for your emails. Whether you plan on sending out basic emails or full newsletters, creating at least five emails before you start sending them out will help you more strategically plan your content. You can make sure each of your emails work together and complement each other as far as messaging and calls to action go.

2. Use a Call to Action

Every single one of your emails needs to include a call to action. As you draft your emails and create the content you plan to share, strategically decide what you want to ask your audience to do. You can use email marketing to do anything from increase sales to boost website traffic. Some common goals for email marketing campaigns include selling a product, promoting an event, increasing traffic to a blog and increasing social media followings.

3. Put Together an Offer

An offer, like a free sample, download, or discount, will help you grow your list and maintain subscribers. This offer can be something that changes periodically or it can be a freebie that you offer for a long period of time on your website.

When people claim their offer, you can add their email address to your list. Then, as people experience what you have to offer, they will be more inclined to become subscribers and customers.

4. Send Your First Email

Once you have written five emails, used a call to action and put together an offer, you are ready to send your first email. Use an email marketing tool or software program to help you format and send your messages.

Be ready to track this first email, and all your other emails, by having site analytics tools in place that will allow you to see if you get more traffic after you send your email or by measuring your social media followers before and after the email is sent.

Many email marketing tools include tracking programs that let you see how many of your emails were opened, which can help you understand how to be more successful.

5. Use Email to Promote and Sell

As you start sending out emails and creating more pieces of content to share, make sure you are using them to promote and sell your business and products. Promotions can be strong or more gentle, but all of your emails should advance your business in some way. The way you promote your business will likely change over time, depending on your current goals and marketing strategies.

If you are just starting an email marketing campaign, use these tips after you have set some goals and identified your market. Then, as you continue to use email marketing, be sure to track your results and adjust your emails and strategies as needed so they will be as effective as possible.