Five Days of Christmas – Orbus Leisure Treadmill Features on ITV1

There has been much excitement this week for one of our major clients! Orbus Leisure have been working (undercover) with ITV and the Jeremy Kyle show to make one man’s Christmas even more special this year.

Guest to the show Patrick has been on an amazing weight loss journey throughout 2011. He was morbidly obese at 27 stones and was facing a bleak future if he did not lose weight. After hearing his story, Jeremy and the team stepped into action. Andre Diurno, ITV’s professional fitness coach was enlisted to help and Patrick embarked on an amazing fitness and weight loss journey.

This week’s 5 Days of Christmas episode brought Patrick back to our screens and it was revealed that he has shed an amazing 10 stones!  He has changed so much physically that some of his friends failed to even recognise him! Huge congratulations to Patrick for all his hard work and likewise to the ITV team who have helped him every step of the way.

But for Patrick the weight loss journey does not end at the end of 2011. It is crucial that he keeps to his new regime for the sake of his own health and the good of his family and Orbus Leisure stepped in to help. After hearing Patrick’s plight at the start of 2011 Orbus Leisure got in touch with ITV and offered their help, in the form of a professional treadmill.  Now, Patrick can continue exercising at home to continue his weight loss journey until he reaches his ideal BMI. Patrick has well and truly caught the exercise bug, so we know that his treadmill will be put to regular, frequent use.

Orbus Leisure are now looking forward to their peak trading period, so if your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight like Patrick you should check out their website for some unbeatable deals of a variety of home fitness equipment, yoga gear and balance bands.

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