The First Step to Every Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Between strategic planning, branding, creating content, optimising it, publishing it and then sharing it and using it to promote your brand, there is a lot that goes into content marketing. But, no matter what kind of plan you have or what your approach is, there is one thing all successful content marketing plans start with: goals.

Why Start with a Goal

When you start with a goal, you are defining your purpose from the very beginning. You are deciding what you want to get out of your content marketing campaign and setting some parameters to work within.

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and start thinking of great content ideas and promotional tactics, but doing this puts you at risk of creating plans that don’t lead to the results you are looking for.

Setting some goals also gives you something to measure your results with. How will you know if you are being successful and your content is helping your business if you don’t know what you are trying to accomplish or what you should measure?

How to Set Useful Goals

But, it’s not enough to just set goals. Your goals need to be stepping stones to success. They need to give you a clear path to growing your business and building your brand. They also need to be measurable so you can gauge your results.

When you decide what your goals will be, keep the big picture in mind. Consider what you are trying to accomplish as a business and what it will take to get there. Then, set goals that will support your overall purpose, so as you meet them, your business will move forward.

Measurable goals usually include numbers. For example, “Increase site traffic,” is a simple goal that does have purpose, but it’s not measurable. A better goal would be: “Increase site traffic by 20 percent within 3 months.” This goal tells you how much you want to increase traffic by and also gives you a deadline, so you have something to work toward and so you are constantly improving.

Tips for Reaching your Goals

Once you’ve set some effective goals, don’t just put them aside and forget about them. Use your goals on a regular basis to keep your campaign on track and make sure your entire team is working toward the same things.

Consider keeping your goals in a visual place by posting them in your office or posting them to your team’s collaboration software. Then, revisit them often, like during team meetings or monthly reviews. Use them as you make decisions, develop your campaign and delegate tasks.

Everyone loves an incentive, and rewarding yourself and your team for a job well done can keep everyone motivated and build unity. Work toward your goals with a reward of a catered lunch, company party or extra vacation day to keep people excited and focused.

When you start your content marketing plan with some strategic goals, the entire campaign will run smoothly and your team will be more productive. The best goals will keep you on track, help you make decisions and make your business more successful.