Find Your Brand Voice to Reach and Influence Your Market

Image courtesy of Rusty Sheriff/Flickr.

What is your brand voice? The way you communicate with your markets and the tone and style you use throughout your marketing materials should be consistent and strategic. Whether they realize it or not, members of your audience pick up on your voice and respond based on how you sound.

Does Your Voice Match Your Market?

The most important thing to consider when defining your brand’s voice is your market. Who are you talking to? When you understand who you are talking to, and what you want them to do, you can find the right voice for your brand. Analyze your market, what makes it tick and what you want it to accomplish. For example, if your market is young professionals, and you want them to buy your product, your voice will be somewhat formal, young and persuasive.

Many businesses have several markets, like customers, potential customers, investors, employees, community leaders and more. Your business may use slightly different voices for each of your markets, but in general, they should all fit the same style.

Online vs. Offline

Your businesses probably already has a brand voice. Think about the marketing tactics, like billboards, brochures, fliers and print ads, and consider what kind of voice they use. If this is the voice that will reach and influence your market, find ways to use it more consistently. If it isn’t the right voice for your business, make the necessary changes.

Write down words that describe the tone used in your marketing efforts. Then, decide if those same words should describe the voice you use online. Your brand voice should be used on your website, but should it be used in your social media accounts?

Social media is usually more casual than many other channels. People use social media to connect with other people, and businesses, in a laid-back way. If your current voice matches this setting, continue to use it on social media. However, if your brand is generally very formal, you may consider using a slightly less formal voice for social media. When you do this, don’t completely abandon your brand tone and voice. Instead, alter it enough to fit the channel without making your brand and voice unrecognizable to your market.

Be Consistent across All Channels

While it’s true that your voice may change slightly on social media, it should still be consistent across all your marketing channels. By staying consistent you will increase your chances of successfully reaching and influencing your market and you will establish a strong brand within each of the channels you use. Use your established brand voice throughout all your marketing efforts.

Consider who you are talking to and what you want your market to do. Then, make sure the voice you choose fits your business and will help you reach your goals. Whether your voice is formal, casual, persuasive, fun, resourceful or professional, it needs to resonate with your market. When you find and use your brand voice, you can influence your market, which will help you be successful.