Facebook’s New Reply Feature is Overdue

Facebook has announced that a new feature, called Replies, will go live this summer. The feature will allow page administrators and people with popular profiles to reply directly to comments on posts made by followers.

The new feature has been in testing for several months and will soon be available on a few pages before it is officially launched. Along with this feature, the most active conversations will now start appearing at the top of the newsfeed so other users can see them more quickly. The site will also recognize when a user is friends with members of a conversation, and bump that conversation to the top of the feed, since people will likely be more interested in these comments.

Replies Bring A Whole New Realm of Opportunity

Businesses will find this new feature incredibly useful since it adds a whole new mode of communication between them and their markets. The new feature will make it possible for businesses to respond to posts individually, giving a more personal and direct response.

This feature will also help enhance two-way communication on Facebook. At times, it’s challenging to find ways to talk back and forth with followers, and some brands fall into the trap of pushing out content and rarely listening to what their market has to say. This feature will make back and forth conversations much easier.

Is Facebook Behind?

In fact, it seems that this feature is one that Facebook should have implemented a long time ago. With sites like Twitter, Reddit and others that already allow for this kind of direct but public communication, is Facebook behind the times?

Recently, many have speculated on how Facebook will reinvent itself as other social media sites gain popularity and as it seems that the younger, once faithful Facebook market, begins to migrate to other social media sites.

As overdue as this feature may seem, it is a step in the right direction for Facebook. All social media sites must make changes to keep users occupied and to avoid becoming outdated. Since becoming a public company, Facebook must also cater to a new audience: investors and advertisers. These groups are becoming more and more important to Facebook and new features like this will satisfy their need for innovation.

How Will You Use The New Feature?

Your business can use the new feature to respond to followers’ questions, to clarify information and simply to engage at a deeper level with your market. As businesses begin to reply directly to followers, we may discover more creative uses for the feature. For example, you could host a frequently asked questions discussion or even start a thread where users are encouraged to ask your company questions about a new product or ask about new features.

In the coming months businesses will start using the new feature, making them more successful and bringing a whole new world of opportunities for brands and their markets.