Facebook’s New Notes and How to use Them

Facebook has majorly updated its notes feature, making it even better for online marketers. With this update, your business could post more comprehensive and visually interesting notes, which could help your strategy in several ways.

If you’re not familiar with Facebook notes, they are simply a type of post that allows users to conveniently share longer paragraphs or more in-depth posts. Until now, they haven’t had much to offer businesses, other than an extra way to share posts.

New Features for Enhanced Posting

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Add a Cover Photo

The first thing you’ll notice is that you can now add a cover photo to your notes. This is a great opportunity to make your content stand out and capture attention. This feature could also help you brand your notes so they look like they belong to your business and are part of your content.

Format Photos in Posts

There’s now added flexibility in adding photos which allows you to resize them and add captions. This is another way to make your notes visually appealing and can help you get your point across.

Format Note Text for Easy Reading

Another new function is the ability to format note text using bullets, quotes and headers. This can make your content more accessible as people will be able to quickly see what your post is all about. This makes it easier for people to skim through your content to find what they are looking for or quickly get your message.

The New Note in Action

So, what can you do with these new features? Essentially, you can make your notes more visually appealing and easier to read. You can turn them from boring posts that didn’t capture attention to interesting posts that can help you communicate with your market.

Other platforms, like LinkedIn, have made it possible for users to post longer pieces of content, turning into a type of publishing platform. While you might not use Facebook for all of your long form content publishing, this update does make the platform a more logical place to share longer social media posts and even quick blog posts.

One simple way you could use the new Facebook notes would be to create a type of content you can share on a regular basis. Weekly product highlights, event invitations, product launches, or monthly how-to posts are a few examples of content you can add continually.

This kind of content lends itself well to longer social media posts and will give you a chance to reach your Facebook audience with an internal tool, rather than asking people to click through to your website or blog.

If you offer valuable content that your market actually wants, people could even start looking forward to your Facebook posts, helping you build a strong, active following on the site.

Now is a great time to make sure you have a solid Facebook strategy and find ways you can use the new notes features to add variety to your posts and share long form content with your audience.