Facebook’s New Multi-Product Ads and Improved Targeting

In recent months, Facebook has made several improvements and changes to its advertising program. The latest changes are exciting because they allow businesses to use multi-product ad formats and better target niche markets.

As Facebook’s features are developed and offer more options, it becomes easier and easier to reach your audience and promote your business. If you use Facebook ads, or even if you are considering signing up, you won’t want to miss these new features.

Multi-Product Ads

Now, you can promote three products with a single ad. New multi-product ads will feature a slideshow with three different images, descriptions and links. You can see this ad in action on Facebook’s announcement.

These new ads are a great way to get more out of your advertising space and get your market’s attention. You can now work to generate traffic and sales by promoting three images with one ad, so you’ll be more likely to entice a user than if you could only promote one product at a time. The moving slideshow feature is eye-catching, so as people scroll through Facebook they will probably be more likely to see and read your ads.

According to Facebook, Nomorerack has been using multi-product ads with custom audiences and experienced a 42 percent increase in its click-through rate. The business’ cost per acquisition went down 42 to 45 percent, so it not only achieved a higher click-through rate, but also saved money doing it.

Currently, multi-product ads are only available with the Facebook ads API. However, the announcement noted that they will be available through Facebook’s other advertising interfaces in coming months. Multi-product ads will be displayed on both the website and Facebook mobile app.

Enhanced Custom Audiences

The second new feature Facebook announced is enhanced custom audiences. The custom audiences feature allows businesses to target very specific groups of Facebook users, making it easier for them to reach their market and potential customers.

Now, custom audiences includes options relating to a business’ website. For example, you can now target your ad to anyone who has visited your website, people who have visited a specific page on your site or people who haven’t been to your website for a set amount of time. You can use a custom combination of options to get even more specific.

Facebook has also made it possible for businesses to use targeted audiences for different products. For example, your business could show ads only to people who visited a product page on your site and who have bought specific products.

These enhancements make advertising on Facebook much more powerful. They let you show specially designed content and images to specific audiences within your market. When you can more narrowly target people, you can create ad campaigns that speak to their interests and needs and will be more effective.

Facebook’s announcement includes the fact that the business Twenty Jeans decreased its cost per acquisition by three times when it used these new custom audience features.

Both of these new Facebook advertising features can help you leverage your ad campaigns and make them more successful. Start getting more out of your Facebook ads by using multi-product ads and custom audiences.