Facebook’s New Insights Page

Over the past few weeks Facebook has updated its insights page, which is available to business pages that have at least 30 “likes.” The insights, which include information about who your followers are and how they interact with your posts, is very valuable to a social media marketing strategy. With this kind of data, you can find out where you are being successful and what you can do to leverage your Facebook account even more.

The new insights page has an updated look and even includes a few new features. The dashboard area has a new layout, making it easier to find the information you need to analyze your Facebook performance. The more information you have, and the easier it is to get it, the better you can strategize to use social media to build your brand.

Are Your Fans Typical Facebook Users?

An interesting addition to the insights page is the ability to compare your fans with all of Facebook’s users. Now, when you look to see the average age of your fans, you can compare that to the average age of everyone on Facebook. These statistics can help you understand your market better and also get a better understanding of who uses Facebook.

What Kinds of Posts Work Best for Your Business?

You probably share all kinds of content on Facebook: links, photos, videos and text. If you’ve been closely monitoring your account you may have an idea of which of these seem to resonate with your followers more. But, now you can know for sure which kinds of posts are more successful.

Part of Facebook’s new insights page includes a section that shows you which type of post is seen by the most people and which ones your fans engage with the most. The engagement portion of this statistic is broken down into clicks and “likes, comments and shares.” When you can see which kinds of posts have more engagement, you can find better ways to capture your audience’s attention.

When are Your Fans Online?

When you know what time of day your Facebook fans are logged in, you can more easily target them. You can time your social media posts to go live when they are most likely to be seen by your market. This information is very powerful. Now you don’t need to experiment as much to find out when you should be posting, or make guesses about when to post.

Measuring your social media strategy is a vital part of marketing. If you don’t measure your results or track your efforts, how will you know if you are being successful? But, statistics can do more than show you how well you are doing on social media. They can help you find ways to use your Facebook account more successfully. For example, if you aren’t seeing very much engagement from your fans, you can compare types of posts to see which seem to get the most activity. Then, you can post more content like that in an effort to increase overall engagement.

Facebook’s new insights can help you better understand how successful your account is and how you can make your social media marketing strategy even better.