Facebook’s New “Donate” Button and Video Ads Launch

Some exciting and major changes are coming to Facebook, bringing even more opportunity to Internet marketers. Whenever the social media giant makes a change or offers new products to advertisers, businesses should assess whether or not the new features will be beneficial to their marketing and business goals.

New “Donate” Buttons Added for Non-Profits

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The first major change is the addition of a “Donate” button for non-profit pages. The button will appear on the top of non-profit organisations’ pages and under posts made by these pages. When users click on the button, they can enter credit card information in a pop-up window and donate funds to the organisation.

There is not a fee for using this button, for the user or the non-profit, and donations will go directly to the organisation. When a user donates money, 100 percent of that donation will go to the non-profit.

This new feature means that people can donate to organisations without having to leave Facebook, which could help non-profits increase conversion rates and raise more funds. Since this means of donation is on social media, it also has the potential to be shared easily and allow people to influence their friends to also donate.

If your business is a non-profit, you can add the “Donate” button to your page by completing the “Donate interest form” on Facebook.

Video Ads Becoming a Reality

We blogged before about how Facebook was planning to offer video advertising spots to businesses, and that is now becoming a reality. Facebook has announced that the ads will start appearing later this week.

The new ads will be displayed in peoples’ News Feeds when they use Facebook on the Internet or through the mobile app. Some are speculating that the ads will be 15 seconds long, but Facebook has not officially announced how long they will be. You can watch the video on the Facebook news site to see how the ads will work.

The videos will begin playing automatically as people scroll through the News Feed, but the sound will be off until turned on by the user. When the ad is finished playing, two videos from the same advertiser will be displayed, letting the user choose to watch one.

During the past few months, videos shared by users’ friends have started to play automatically in the News Feed, so these new ads are an extension of this feature. Some believe video ads will stand out from other ads and posts, capturing users’ attention. However, users can simply scroll past the videos in their News Feeds and ignore them, and it remains to be seen how well the ads will perform.

Initially, these ads will only be available to some advertisers. In its announcement, Facebook stated that businesses and marketers will be notified if the ads will be offered to a larger group of businesses.

If your business has seen success with other visual marketing tactics, like YouTube videos, Instagram, or Pinterest, you may benefit from Facebook video ads.

Facebook continues to be a powerful social media marketing tool that can help your business accomplish a wide variety of goals. If you use Facebook, consider whether or not these new features fit your marketing strategies and if you should use them to promote your business, products or services.