Facebook’s New Advertising Option is Perfect for Online Stores

Last week, Facebook announced a new product advertisement that is ideal for online stores and businesses that sell products online in addition to in brick-and-mortar stores. Facebook has immense advertising power as it has 890 million daily active users, 82.4 percent of which are outside the United States and Canada.

What the New Ads Do

According to Facebook, the new ads are “a solution designed to help businesses promote multiple products or their entire product catalog, across all the devices their customers use.” In essence, these ads are meant to help businesses overcome the challenge of having so many products that it becomes hard to advertise all of them or advertise the best products to a specific audience.

Multi-Product Ad Options

One great benefit of this new ad option is that you can choose to highlight just one product or multiple products. While the ability to promote multiple products in one ad isn’t new, it is important to realise that this feature is available for the new product ads.

Choose your Audience or let Facebook do It

The new product ads give advertisers some added targeting flexibility. For instance, you can choose which products you want to advertise and then pick the market you think would be most interested in them. This lets you personalise your campaigns. Or, you can simply upload your products and then let Facebook’s systems choose which markets are most likely to be interested and then target the ads for you.

Pause Promotion on Out-of-Stock Items

If you choose to let Facebook promote your products for you, the system can actually pause ads for items that are out of stock. This may seem like a simple feature, but it can be very helpful when you start saving time that you would otherwise spend updating your ads as products go out of stock and then become available again. It also means you won’t be wasting advertising on items that aren’t available and can use it on products you can sell right away.

Flexible Ads Based on Customer Journey

Facebook’s newest product ad also lets you target your ads based on where a customer is in the customer journey. For example, you can target customers who have already seen your website, catering your ad design, copy and images to people who are already aware of your brand. This is a valuable option and could make your ads much more effective, since they will speak to specific audiences and resonate more clearly with people with different needs.

Choose what to Highlight

With product ads, you can also decide to highlight products that have been viewed on your website or mobile app, which means you will be drawing attention to products people are already exploring. Or, you can decide to highlight a single product with multiple ads that promote it in different ways, focusing on different features, benefits, or variations, for example.

The new Facebook product ads can bring a lot of new opportunities to businesses that sell products online. You can find out more about the ads and how to use them on Facebook’s announcement.