What Facebook’s New Ad Relevance Score means for You

Facebook has launched a new feature for advertisers, called the relevance score, that can help you be more effective as you target your markets on the site. Knowing how to use this feature will make your advertising more successful.

The New Feature Explained

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Relevance scores are numbers that will appear on advertisers’ reporting tools, showing them how closely Facebook thinks the ad matches the target market. Facebook’s announcement explains how the site has always used relevancy to make sure ads are displayed to the right audience, but it’s only now that advertisers have a way to gauge relevancy in this way.

The new score will be determined by the feedback, both positive and negative, Facebook thinks an ad will get from its intended audience. Relevance scores will be based on a scale of one to 10, where higher numbers indicate an ad is more relevant to its target audience.

Facebook reports that this new feature will help advertisers reduce their costs, run more effective tests and optimise current campaigns. It also explains that a lower score could prompt you to alter your ad to make it more efficient. However, it also points out that if you are happy with the way your ad is performing, you may choose to ignore the score. Basically, the new relevance score is just one more factor you can consider when deciding how well an ad is doing.

The feature is being launched this week and will be available to all Facebook advertisers. You can check your Ads Manager dashboard and look for the relevance score tab to start using the feature when it is available for your account.

Relevance Scores and Your Business

Facebook’s official announcement does highlight some benefits this feature will bring to businesses, but the perks don’t stop there. For example, this new feature could save you a lot of time when you can start using more effective ads more quickly. By using the score, you could cut back on the time you spend experimenting with different ads, finding the right fit sooner.

Using relevance scores can also help you better understand what your market is looking for. If your ads consistently receive lower scores, you may need to rethink your design, call to action or targeting. This can be a good guide that can help you better understand how to reach the right people.

As you lower your advertising costs, by more carefully choosing which ads to run and only running ads with higher relevance scores, you could use those savings for other internet marketing tactics or to run more Facebook ad campaigns. Either way, you could make your marketing budget go further, enabling you to make even bigger steps in promoting and branding your business online.

Facebook advertising brings great results for a lot of businesses and if your market uses the site, it could work for you too. Making sure your ads are appealing to your target audience, include strong calls to action and are professionally done will increase their effectiveness so you’ll see a return on your investment.