Facebook’s Live Video Coming to Everyone

Facebook has been testing live video streaming, and now the social media giant has announced that the feature is coming to all mobile users. As of now, anyone in the U.S. can live stream video with the iPhone Facebook app. Facebook says in the coming weeks users around the world will have this ability and that the function will soon be available for Android users too.

How to Start Streaming

From your iPhone, tap on the status icon and then tap the live stream icon. From there, you can write a description for the video and then choose “go live” to start streaming. Keep in mind that live broadcasts are limited to 30 minutes but that your video will be posted to your timeline when you finish broadcasting, so people can watch it later.

During a live broadcast, you will be able to see how many people are watching it live and even the names of friends who are tuned in. You will also see a live stream of comments about your video, so people can interact and leave feedback during your broadcast.

Facebook users will see live videos from their friends in their news feeds and can even subscribe to videos so they won’t miss live broadcasts.

In a world where new social media apps like Periscope and Meerkat and even long-time favourites like YouTube are making live broadcasting easier and more common, Facebook is wise to make this function widely available to its users too.

When to Live Stream Video

So, how can your business use this new feature? Live video is a marketing tool that can help you share events with people around the world, allow people to interact with your brand in a new way and stand out online.

Product Launches

Live video streams are the perfect tool to share product launches. When you unveil a product, at a big event or just through a video, you can include people everywhere. Build up hype prior to the launch and even consider doing a giveaway during your live broadcast to attract more viewers.

Conferences or Special Events

Next time you present at a conference or host a special event, live broadcast a portion of it so people who can’t attend can participate. This strategy can also draw attention to regular events, so you can recruit more attendees for the next one.

Community Involvement

If you volunteer in your community or participate in a community event, highlight your involvement with a live broadcast. This type of content will benefit your public relations efforts and can be more engaging and interesting than a blog post that summarises what you did.

Webinars or How-To Videos

How-to content is popular right now, and for good reason. People often search the internet for tutorials, to solve a problem or to learn how to use a product. Fill this need with live webinars or how-to tutorials that offer advice, tips and information relevant to your industry. This is also a great way to show off your products in action.

Facebook’s live video feature will help you reach your established Facebook audience in a new and engaging way. If you use Facebook marketing, this feature is one you should consider using as part of your strategy.