Facebook Updates Video Advertising Features

Facebook has made some changes to its advertising that make it easier for businesses to increase video views and even add a call to action to the end of their video ads.

Video advertising on Facebook is an excellent way to reach your market and with new features that make it easier to target your ads and get results, your Facebook ad campaigns can become even more successful.

New “Video Views” Ad Objective

Now, when you set up an ad campaign on Facebook you can choose video views as your objective. The list already includes things like page post engagement, clicks to website, app installs, offer claims, event response and other objectives.

When you choose “video views” as your objective, Facebook will automatically show your ad to people who are more likely to watch videos on the site. Facebook’s announcement explains that the ad will be shown to these people regardless of what device they are using and what audience you are targeting.

This update alone will make your videos more effective and add a new level to your advertising campaigns. But, the new features go even deeper. Now you can target people who have already seen your videos and add very specific calls to action to the end of your videos to encourage interaction.

Target Your Previous Viewers

In most cases, it’s pretty safe to assume that people who have already seen your videos will be open to seeing more and will also be more likely to become your customers. When you create a campaign with the objective of getting people to watch your video, you can work with a Facebook representative to target people who have already watched your videos.

Then, when you create video ads you can produce them specifically for people who have seen your previous videos and encourage them to become customers. This is a great way to fine-tune your ad campaigns and reach your goals.

Add a Call to Action

Finally, Facebook has also added a feature that allows you to add a call to action to the end of your video. Of course, your video itself should include calls to action in the messaging and images, but now you can add physical calls to action too.

You can add a link to the end of your video that people can click on to learn more about your business, products, services or anything else you are advertising. This simple feature makes it much easier for people to respond to your videos. Instead of having to navigate to your Facebook page, website or product page after watching the video, they can simply click on the link you provide.

Videos allow you to tell your story and promote your products in a way few other mediums can. They are also a great way to influence your market and reach business and sales goals.

With these new features you can leverage your videos and see even bigger results when you target a very specific audience and add calls to action that lead your viewers to your website, landing page or product page.