Facebook Updates Mobile Business Pages

Facebook has announced that it has made some changes to the way pages appear on mobile devices, and the update will make business pages more user friendly. In its announcement, Facebook stated that its goal is to make pages “easier for the more than 45 million active businesses on Facebook.”

The New Features

There are a few new features with this update, and you can use them to make your page a more effective marketing tool.

Two New Sections for Pages

Facebook has already started adding new sections for pages, or customisable areas businesses can use to provide the best information for their followers. These sections are perfect for highlighting what your business does well and making your page function exactly as you need it to for your business and market.

The newest sections, “Shop” and “Services,” will make it much easier to highlight your products and services and make them very accessible to your followers. Instead of burying this information deep in your page or forcing followers to click on links to see your offerings, they can see them right on your page, where it’s easier and more convenient to shop.

More Prominent Mobile Call-to-Action Button

This update makes an existing feature, the call-to-action button, more visible on mobile pages. The button appears right below the page’s name and cover image and is very eye catching, so it will grab attention and generate engagement.

Facebook is in the process of testing some new call to action buttons that will let users communicate directly with a business through its page with a phone call, Facebook message or other form of communication.

This feature is one that can take your mobile page to a whole new level as you can more easily ask people to take some action that will benefit your marketing plan and business in general.

The mobile page layout has also been updated to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. You can take advantage of these updates simply by adding the new sections or a call to action button to your page.

Leveraging Facebook

The way businesses can get the most out of Facebook evolves over time as the social network adds new features and people use Facebook for different reasons. You can use these new features to reach your mobile market and make it easier for people to interact with your business in the way they want to.

As more and more people use Facebook to do things like contact businesses, find store locations, explore services and buy products, you need to make sure your page is ready to meet these needs.

Start by making sure your Facebook page is current and then make sure you are taking advantage of page features like call-to-action buttons and sections. Also make sure you share content strategically and consider using Facebook advertising to build your following and raise brand awareness.