Facebook Unveils Graph Search, Bringing More Marketing Opportunities

This week Facebook unveiled a new service, currently only available to some users, called Graph Search. Graph Search will eventually be available to all users and is an expanded search function for the social media site.

Facebook is working with Bing, the search engine Facebook already incorporates on its site, to provide this new service. Right now, Graph Search makes it possible for users to search and view friends of friends and find local businesses more easily. It also lets users search public photos and even public data about their friends and friends of friends.

Unlike Google, Graph Search lets people search for people and things within their social sphere. On Google logged in users do see some personalized search results, but Graph Search is purely social, with no other “regular” search engine results.

More Marketing Potential

With Graph Search, the foundation of how you can use Facebook to market your business and reach your audience hasn’t changed, but a few new opportunities have arisen.

More Space for Ads

As of now, Graph Search doesn’t include any ads. However, knowing Facebook’s track record and the way the site includes ads in several different ways, it wouldn’t be surprising if ads are later added to the new function. Ads in this new space could be very successful, since users use Graph Search when they are looking for something. If your product or service fills their need, you could get some clicks on your ads.

Opportunities for Local Recommendations

If you’re a local business, you know recommendation sites like Yelp have an impact on your business. Since Graph Search will let users search for local hot spots like restaurants, hotels, organizations, nonprofits and any other type of business, you could have an opportunity to leverage some local recommendations or local search results.

Make Your Business More Visible

If you play your cards right, you could make your business more visible on Facebook. Using image captions and descriptions and using keywords in your status updates could help your business earn top rankings for Graph Search results. More visibility can raise awareness and increase sales.

The Chance to Include Influential People in Marketing Campaigns

People look to their friends for recommendations on products and services. If people on Facebook are talking about your brand and someone searches for your product, his or her friends’ comments about it will likely appear in the search results. Friends and family can be majorly influential, so this is an exciting opportunity for your company.

Facebook’s new Graph Search brings new opportunities and new potential for Facebook marketing. As the feature develops and more people begin using it, your company will be able to incorporate it into its digital marketing plan.