Facebook Marketing Statistics Your Brand Just Can’t Ignore

Here we share some important Facebook Marketing Statistics your brand simply can’t ignore to help guide your social media marketing strategy.

The Bigfoot Digital social media team has been managing social accounts for a number of clients for many years, reaching out to a variety of audiences with creative and engaging content that boosts brand awareness and drives sales. However, we still meet business owners who just aren’t convinced, thinking the social space is reserved for students, and people who enjoy sharing pictures of cats / food / holidays (and we admit, we’re guilty of this too).

So we have a challenge on our hands… How do we convince them that Facebook CAN work for their business or brand?

Crunching the Numbers

How about the fact that Facebook now has more than 2 billion active monthly users! Yes, you read that right – 2 BILLION! And of that 2 billion over 1 billion of them are active every single day. It’s on their phone, laptop, iPad, smartwatch… never more than a click away.

To put these numbers into content here’s how Facebook compares to the other major social platforms:

YouTube:         1.5 billion monthly active users

Instagram:     700 million monthly active users

Twitter:             328 million monthly active users

Snapchat:         255 million monthly active users

What’s the competition doing?

There are around 60million businesses currently managing a business Page on Facebook. The chances are one (or more) of these is your competitor. 39% of Facebook users follow Pages (and remember that top level number – there are 2 billion Facebook users!)

So if your competitor is using Facebook to reach out to customers by sharing news, special offers, discounts and more and you are clearly missing out. And in addition to simply following a page for fun, customers now EXPECT business to offer customer service support via the platform. The graphic below illustrates how businesses are now taking social media customer service more seriously. (Source: Locowise.com)

locowise Facebook stats

Seconds, minutes and hours…

Our smartphones are admittedly becoming an addiction and Facebook appears to play a big part in this. On average people spend 35 minutes per day on Facebook. Content consumption is on the up and people access Facebook on average 8 times per day. If you’re not there how do people ever hear from you? The truth is, they don’t. But they may be hearing from your competitor…

The power of paid advertising

Facebook offers a great platform to share content and reach out to new customers but it also offers an ad platform to rival Google’s AdWords. Getting it right can result in some of the best ROI in all forms of advertising. Thanks to the amount of data users share on Facebook (age, location, things they are interested in, where they work etc.) you are able to target a tight demographic that really fits your niche. 93% of marketers now use Paid Facebook Advertising regularly, translating to 3 million brands and businesses using this ad platform. (Image source Sproutsocial.com)

Content is (still) King

Brands are posting content on Facebook on average of 8 times per day. Compare that to your zero, and it’s clear you are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach out and find new customers.

Considering these stats it’s clear that social media is continuing to grow, both in terms of the active users and business pages. It’s easy to get started on Facebook and of course it remains FREE! If you’ve not yet created your business profile on Facebook and need some help, have writers block when it comes to creating engaging posts or want more information on Facebook advertising get in touch today.